formerly lifeinsomniac (joonscribble) wrote,
formerly lifeinsomniac

A Year Gone By

*waves hello*

I realize an entire year and some has gone by since I last posted to LJ. So much has happened since then! I had fully intended to remain active on LJ but then I got hit with a year of such busy-ness that I was barely able to sleep and eat properly. When I did have time, I spent most of it watching media (and there was a LOT of media...). But in the end all the work was worth it because 1) I finally graduated properly from my Ph.D program and 2) got licensed in my field so I can practice independently and 3) got an actual paying job so I can earn actual money. Still, I"ve missed interacting on LJ terribly.

In a nice full circle way, my last entry was about leaving NY for the time being and now my first entry back is about me moving back to NY as that's where said job will be. While I doubt I'll be any less busy, here's hoping I'll get to watch and post more about stuff I've been watching.

Be back soon!
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