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21 March 2016 @ 12:31 pm
The Foggy Nelson Appreciation Post: Season 2  
This is mainly for aelfgyfu_mead who wishes somehow she could just watch Foggy and avoid literally everything else. We can all assume Foggy is a good friend and a patient person. So below the cut are more stand out moments for him. I'm pretty sure I did this in proper chronological order.

1. Background Hero-ing: Yes, Foggy spends most of the first half of the season worrying about Matt getting himself killed every night now that he knows about his vigilante stuff. This could have just played out as Foggy arguing with Matt to just not go out there (which it did at times) but it also translated to Foggy doing some practical stuff. The best example of this is Foggy literally scouring every rooftop in Hells Kitchen to find Matt after his run-in with Frank Castle. There's a whole sequence of Foggy running around buzzing every apartment building to get rooftop access until he finally locates Matt passed out STILL IN HIS DAREDEVIL OUTFIT IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. We don't see how he gets him home without anyone seeing but he does.So secret identity preserved. Matt thanks him for it later. Eventually. Stand out line: The whole exchange Foggy has to go through to into buildings is pretty great. You lose a lot without the sound. Elden Henson's put upon tone is hilarious.

2. Foggy vs. the DAs Office, Round 1: DA Reyes does her bullying tactic to steamroll over Nelson & Murdock as they're repping someone the DA wants. Foggy flounders for a few minutes but then calls Reyes' bluff using his legal knowledge-fu. Karen is there to witness it and has the best smirk on her face during Foggy's entire legal take down. Stand out line: "Cut the shit, lady. You're dealing with us."

3. Legal Counselling on the Fly: Amidst worrying about Matt and now trying to locate him at hospitals, Foggy gets treated to watching two rival gang members try and take each other down at the hospital where Claire is working. He's able to talk the two members down, not by saying nice, patient things but by using his legal-fu again and saying if they fight each other in front of everyone, they'll all go to jail and no soul will take their case because they are morons. Even Claire is impressed. Stand out line: "I'm not saying lose the oh so serious stinkeye, just don't fight."

4. Foggy vs. the DAs Office, Round 2: This time Reyes sends her assistant, Tower, to get Nelson & Murdock to turn over information about one of their clients. Without the proper subpeona. Tower takes the more soft approach and heavily suggests that if Foggy would just cooperate on this, the DA's office will owe them a favor. Foggy, bless him, has his integrity and doesn't budge. I wish I could find a clip of just this scene because it really highlights the kind of backbone Foggy has without him resorting to any kind of bullying or intimidation tactics. Stand out line: "Like I said. Show me a subpoena and I'll cooperate like a sonovabitch." (Elden Henson's delivery of this line is particularly perfect)

5. Operating at Nelson & Murdock without the Murdock: Despite never wanting to take on the Frank Castle case, Foggy gets saddled with having to do the entire thing. Karen is his main support on this but he is the only lawyer apparently on the case now that Matt's off ruining his life with Elektra. The worst of it is Matt missing opening statements since Matt wrote and was slated to give the opening statement. So Foggy just wings it. And wings it awesomely. At least Matt thanks him and tries to sort of help later. Only the help is the exact opposite of help. Stand out line: The entire speech is pretty stand out.

6. Finally Hitting the Bullshit Button: After they lose the one witness that could have helped them win the case thanks to Elektra's tampering, Foggy finally calls Matt out on his utter bullshit over everything. The argument is mostly Matt trying to plead his case that he didn't know about Elektra getting involved while simultaneously revealing that he's been lying to Foggy about her and what he's been up to when he's not working on their case. So well past the point of what a saint could handle, Foggy finally responds to all of that with an appropriate level of rage before offering the bigger picture problem of what's been going on. After a season and a half of watching Foggy have to be patient with Matt, this was a relief. Stand out line: "Stop acting like these things just happen to you!" You can watch the gifset of what follows that line HERE.

7. Foggy "The Mature One" Nelson: So, your best friend has decided to shut out any attempts to repair your business or your friendship. He follows that up with leaving you after you've been shot and not visiting you at the hospital. Most people would probably be within their rights to be pretty angry. And Foggy is. But then comes to terms with it a lot faster with more maturity than most, I'd think. The one criticism I had about Foggy and how he was dealing with the whole Daredevil situation was that he seemed in denial that Matt was always a vigilante at heart and he wasn't going to ever stop. He fixated on the idea that the Matt he knew from law school and the Matt who went around punching people were separate when they really weren't. By the time they officially end things at Nelson & Murdock, Foggy finally seems to have accepted this and is willing to let Matt go. Consequently, their final exchange feels devoid of pettiness and residual resentment. Just an overall resignation. You can see the gifset of that HERE. It might not come through without the sound, but Foggy's last line was a nice example of setting boundaries without being mean about it. Also as an aside, just before this, Foggy gives Matt some info that helps him out with taking down the Hand. So even amidst the breakup, Foggy is a helper. Stand out line: "Last step is both of us admitting it. And now we're done."
aelfgyfu_meadaelfgyfu_mead on March 21st, 2016 10:09 pm (UTC)
Awwww, Foggy! Ok: gotta notify Brilliant Husband that after he watches each episode, he shows me the best Foggy scenes. I'll skip the rest.
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on March 21st, 2016 11:41 pm (UTC)
Karen and Claire also have some good scenes which I'll try to point out in a separate post. If the three of them can migrate over to Jessica Jones that would be perfect.