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19 March 2016 @ 09:55 pm
Daredevil Season 3 Wishlist  
Apparently I'm not done thinking about this show. I can't really help it as I try to rework my fic to account for all the new canon that got dumped down on us.

Below are some of my own personal wishes for season 3. Most of it is about relationships rather than plot. The show can do whatever plot but it'd be great if they can work in my relationship wishlist.

I'm sort of assuming that we'll be getting the first season of Defenders before we see season 3 of Daredevil. I'm guessing this based on the fact that Luke Cage will be coming in Sept of this year and Iron Fist likely end of this year or early next year. And then it'll either be Defenders or 2nd season of Jessica Jones. I only bring this up because I think having Matt appear on a show that's not about him will help set the stage for him to maybe start being something other than just a crime fighter. I have this vague hope that Jessica Jones might have a talk with Matt about trying to live life alone when they meet in Defenders. She'd actually be a good person to tell Matt that if he's going to commit to being alone then he better do it a full 100% because it's the half-assed version that gets people killed. Same with if Matt chooses to have friends. He has to commit to that as seriously as he'd commit to being a vigilante because you can do both. It's just that Matt wouldn't which was the whole problem with season 2.

Anyway, I digress. Behold the wishlist:

1) Karen Did Not Become Foggy 2.0: From what I've seen, Karen is a lot better at calling bullshit a lot faster than Foggy when it comes to Matt. Foggy lasted about a year having heart attacks about Matt potentially dying before it all imploded. I'd say Karen would last maximum two rounds before she tells Matt if he insists on doing this push-pull thing with her than she's done. What I'm basically saying is that I'd like season 3 to feature Karen, Foggy, and Claire all knowing about Matt as Daredevil but all three still staying away.

2) How's Life as Daredevil 24/7, Murdock?: By season 3, Matt probably would have spent at minimum a year doing nothing else other than taking down whatever villain feels the need to target Hells Kitchen, just like the way he planned to at the end of season 2. No law, no friends, just focusing on taking down Evil one person at a time. Even if he's doing a good job of this (HAHAHA!) it would give him some perspective of what it's like to do something like this and not have anyone really give a shit whether you live or die. Or at least not actively. I'm sure Karen, Foggy, and Claire would care if Matt died but they're not actively there to remind him of this. I'm not so naive as to think that this alone will have Matt wanting friends, but I think it'll be important for him to be living the exact life he created for himself and seeing it doesn't necessarily make it simpler or any less guilt-inducing.

3) The Nelson & Murdock Rebuild Is Season Long: At this point, a quick fix to their friendship would feel cheap. I'd like the show to take the full season to work toward reconciliation. I'm not too hopeful about this really happening but I'd like at least for them to not fix it in one episode. After what I witnessed in season 2, it's clear to me now that as long as Foggy is alive somewhere in the world, Matt will never ask Foggy to come back. He's too set on the idea that Foggy is better off without him and it takes care of having to constantly argue with someone about his vigilante activities. So the only plausible way I see things moving in any direction is if the show does a partial redux of the Devil in Cellblock D comic storyline and fake!kill Foggy off but Matt believing he's actually died. The most logical thing would be Fisk doing this since he promised Matt in season 2 he was going to annihilate both of them. But this might just send Matt into the further spiral that Foggy being associated with him is bad. So it might be better if he's fake!killed for reasons that have nothing to do with Daredevil. Let him be repping someone through his new law firm when he gets stabbed and for reasons someone else with patience can write, it's a fake, witness protection type death. There has to be some sort of event to show Matt that sometimes bad things happen to people that have nothing to do with him and he can't necessarily protect people by shutting them out. I feel like Foggy has to literally die before Matt takes more serious stock into what it is to have friends versus pushing them away with this idea that somehow they're better off. So that's my general plot suggestion about that.

4) Karen Page, Journalist: As much as I'll miss Nelson, Murdock, & Page, I'd like Karen to stay at her new job even if Matt and Foggy restart their law firm. Karen really grew into her role as an independent investigator and risk-taker in her own right. I'd like for her to continue to be operating on her own and help by using the paper she works for, rather than be a paralegal to the law firm. Also, it would be great if she and Claire could become friends. I want them to investigate crime together and pass the Bechdel test.

5) Foggy & Marci, OTB: By that I mean, Foggy and Marci, One True Buddies. My affection for Marci may largely be due to her being nice to Foggy. Last season it seemed more like a "she's nice to him in her own strange way" but this season, she was just flat out nice. She brought him a Foggy bear and liquour when he was in the hospital! That's some BFF levels of nice. Also, somewhat like Frank to Karen as Karen pointed out, Marci has never lied to Foggy. She's super upfront about what she wants from him and kind of upfront about most things, even when she's being a lawyer. So one, I'd like for her to be in season 3 and two, I'd like for her and Foggy to continue their affectionate relationship. I don't necessarily want them to enter into a serious romantic relationship, but I'd like to think that they have the kind of friendship which will mean they'll meet each others' kids.