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17 March 2016 @ 11:47 am
The Cast of Daredevil Being Good Looking and Sane  
Season 2 is almost upon us and with that in mind...

15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Daredevil Cast

My main takeaways from this interview were these:

1) The entire cast is so photogenic. Like ridiculously so.

2) They have a pretty clear eye about their characters being difficult people. I mean, of course, I should have just assumed that since they're actors and they probably did some thinking about their characters. But it's always nice to hear that the actors know their characters are largely jerks. I read an interview with Charlie Cox somewhere talking about Matt Murdock and how his main traits were his overwhelmingly huge sense of self-importance, his arrogance that he can and needs to save an entire city, and his general inability to be a good friend to anyone. When I read this, I remember thinking, "Wow, Charlie Cox. You're actually a really good actor because you convey these things so well! And you're so sane about how messed up that is!" For some reason, with this cast in particular, it felt nice to know how different the actors are to their characters. Or rather, how much they don't agree with their characters.

3) Having said the above, tendency to laugh, taking naps, and telling Dad jokes more or less sound like all things Foggy would do so...