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25 February 2016 @ 08:04 pm
Trailer: Daredevil, Season 2 (part 2)  

Is it possible to have this show without Matt Murdock? I guess not. Whatever annoyance I felt toward him in the first part of the trailer is even more magnified here. Yeah, Matt. You failed to get rid of the yakuza. In fact, you set it up so that now they can take over without their enemies interfering. A+ job. What the city needs is for you to sit the fuck down. Also, he's tired of apologizing? Does this mean he actually apologized to Foggy about...anything? Do we get to see this? Because if we don't and it's only referenced in terms of Matt not wanting to apologize anymore then I'll be really irritated.

So far the scenes with Elektra are promising but are not as revealing as the stuff we saw for Frank Castle in the first part. Still, she looks like a mean fighter and really if this show was just about her and Castle and Foggy and Karen trying to do legal stuff, I think it would be fine.

I laugh at myself because as much as I'm berating how much the title character annoys me, I know I'll be bingewatching this thing come March 18th. SIGH.