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10 January 2016 @ 05:43 pm
Meme (First of 2016)  
Taken from somewhere:

Five Three characters from your fandoms you disliked at first, but then grew to like quite a bit.

I failed because I could only do three. I guess I tend to be pretty unwavering in my opinions.

Owen Harper from "Torchwood"
This one's an oldie but a goodie. I hated Owen the first time I watched this show. He was in pretty good company, though, as I wasn't a fan of most of the cast. But he was weirdly the one whose POV I ended up writing from as my first Torchwood fic. I give a lot of credit to Burn Gorman who within the 2nd season managed to turn Owen from the guy you wanted to punch repeatedly to the guy you wanted on your team. Owen grew up a lot during the course of the show, however, he never quite lost all of his git-like behavior at times which luckily made the character feel more genuine in the end than annoying. When balanced with actual responsible actions and competency, Owen's tendency toward snark was entertaining. He became someone whose story I cared about and really liked writing.

Marci Stahl from "Daredevil"
Okay, talk about a character who did a complete 180 for me. I originally thought of Marci as a huge problem, character-wise when I first saw her. She seemed there largely to be a bitch who we all were supposed to dislike and was on the show to act as a sharp contrast to other female characters like Claire and Karen. You know, the "good" ones who were caring and more typically feminine in terms of personality. So imagine my delight when she ended up helping out to take down Fisk. I cite her conversation with Foggy at Josie's as one of the better scenes on this show. I like that she's still very unsentimental and enjoys power and money but isn't portrayed as evil. She has some standards and clearly she helped out Foggy not just because it was her chance to get ahead of the scandal that was going to go down at her firm but because she does have a soul. I really hope she comes back in season 2 because she's potentially one of the more interesting female characters on the show. And yes, I have an intense wish for her, Karen, and Claire to all team up somehow at some point. I've recently thought a lot about Marci, mainly because in keeping with my above entry about Owen, my first Daredevil fic which started out as something more about Nelson, Murdock, and Page ended up becoming a oneshot about Marci and Foggy having a conversation about the law and justice and other more personal things. They were only supposed to have like a two page interaction before other stuff happened but it kept stretching on until it basically became a fic in of itself. I went a bit overboard imagining Marci's backstory but hey, creating large backstories for minor characters is totally my jam.

Kitty Winter from "Elementary"
I had some serious concerns when we first met Kitty. She seemed to be on the show to push forward a jealousy story of her and Joan fighting over Sherlock's attention. The promo for the season opener so heavily featured that scene where they fight using singlets that it really felt like that was going to be her function. However, the show very quickly had her not be at odds with Joan (at least not after their initial few meetings). In fact, she and Joan worked together and came to really respect one another as colleagues. Kitty's story also ended up being something that made me question what was right and wrong and what was realistic. She didn't always do the "right thing" but she almost always did the human thing. I liked that the show didn't paint her as a complete saint or victim or vigilante. She was all these things in many ways and the contradicting moments to her character was what made her interesting. She tried to rise above her traumatic past and in some ways succeeded and in some ways failed. As heartbreaking as some of the failures were, they felt real. I was also glad that the show didn't force the audience to make a judgement on Kitty about how her story concluded. At least, I didn't feel like I had to judge her actions. I just had to accept them and hope that we'll see her again one day.
aelfgyfu_mead: Joan Watsonaelfgyfu_mead on January 11th, 2016 01:52 am (UTC)
I was very unsure about Kitty when she first came on the show.

But before that, I heard things about Joan Watson that made me not want to watch the show at all! I TiVo'd it just in case, and it was your rec that made me watch it! I read publicity materials and thought she sounded terrible, and maybe that's because they were inaccurate or revised: they said that Watson would be a former surgeon because of a serious mistake (I don't know whether they implied or I inferred "screw-up"), and just the idea of a woman as Watson who hadn't been in the military made me worry that she wouldn't be a strong character but one of those really admiring, not very bright Watsons—and I was so worried that race would enter into it and make her really deferential, and I saw no possibility for anything but fail.

It's amazing how completely wrong I was. She's the smartest, strongest Watson I've seen (I love Martin Freeman's, but he puts up and even joins in way too much dren with Sherlock). She's not deferential but calls him out in a way I've never seen a Watson do. She's one of my favorite characters on tv.
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on January 11th, 2016 04:19 am (UTC)
It's amazing how completely wrong I was. She's the smartest, strongest Watson I've seen (I love Martin Freeman's, but he puts up and even joins in way too much dren with Sherlock). She's not deferential but calls him out in a way I've never seen a Watson do. She's one of my favorite characters on tv.

Agreed! Now that I think about it, Elementary overall has surprised me in a good way with all of their characters. I wasn't sure about Sherlock, Joan, or Kitty when we all began but the development everyone went through was amazing. Actually, Joan was pretty kickass from the start but I liked how the show deftly avoided making her a one dimensional Mary Sue by giving her real, human flaws along the way.