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20 December 2015 @ 04:20 pm
Jessica Jones vs. Daredevil  
So, just for some background, I watched DD after JJ and that probably had a pretty big impact on how I felt about both shows.

In the end, I liked JJ significantly better. That show really raised the bar in terms of storytelling, storylines, character arcs and characterizations. So after that, watching Matt Murdock and his issues felt a little same ol' same ol'. Now, if I had seen the shows the other way, I probably would have liked DD a lot more since as a show in of itself, it's a good show. It's just that JJ spoiled me for what was actually possible and what writers could do if they put their minds to it.

Jessica Jones also weirdly had a more realistic feel even though it probably use the whole superpowers angle a little more than Daredevil. It might just be that the people of JJ felt very real to me. The lack of motivation for some, the over idealization for others, the truly bad choices many made and having to live with it, etc. That all felt very human. Even Kilgrave who is arguably the worst still felt like the kind of worst you would meet in real life in terms of his wants and fantasies. It's just that he has the means to make all his disgusting dreams come true. And related to villains, I really did not get on board what I think DD was trying to do with Wilson Fisk. I know a lot of people liked the grey areas of his character but something about it felt so planned out, I couldn't quite get interested. It felt like the writers were throwing every trope in his direction and not in a good way. Also, despite Kilgrave's motivations being rather small scale (e.g. he just wants to live an easy life) compared to Fisk's grander ideas, his power is so massively catastrophic that it felt absolutely imperative that he be stopped by whatever means possible. Fisk doesn't compete with something like that.

There was also something genuinely liberating about getting a villain like Kilgrave who is so awful on such a visceral level that you could freely hate him despite understanding the source of his evil. Even when he briefly used his powers for something other than awful (using them on Jessica's neighbor woman, I'll admit it, I enjoyed watching) you still know he just needs to go. Now. Forever. Despite DD giving some humanity to Fisk, I really couldn't muster up much for him when he got upset about Vanessa and Wesley. And I actually got frustrated the show seemed to be suggesting that I should feel something for him other than disdain.

Acting-wise, I think both shows measure up equally. They also get nearly equal points for writing good character relationships for the protagonists. I do find myself more interested in Jessica as a single character given what she's been through and what she's trying to accomplish but everything really shines when she's interacting with Trish and Malcolm. I'm a little less interested in Matt as a guy on his own but I really do love it when he's part of the Nelson, Murdock, Page trio. Also, for whatever reason, I still think of Charlie Cox primarily as Tristan Thorn and that did not really help me. It's not so much that Stardust is the most memorably movie ever but somehow I see Cox's face and I think of that movie and it jars me out of whatever mood DD is trying to set. I think the only time I genuinely felt bad for Matt Murdock and saw the character first was during his last scenes with Foggy in episode 10. His sadface during that was pretty damn wounded duck face sad.

In what I know is a true litmus test of how I feel about the quality of both shows, I'm not that interested in Jessica Jones fan fiction. The show, as it is, did a really, really good job and I can't see where fanfic would improve or help the canon. It's similar to how I felt about Hannibal. The show itself went everywhere I wanted it to go so I'm fine with just impatiently waiting for season 2. (Other than maybe crack!fic that just makes blatant fun of some stuff. I'm still waiting on xparrot's stellar idea about Kilgrave trying to give commands in Chinese and completely fucking up). However, there needs to be several fics that involve Matt being a better friend, his law school days with Foggy, BOTH OF THEM TELLING KAREN WHAT IS WHAT, just so many things that need to be fixed or addressed. I'm sure we'll get at least one of those in season 2 but I kind of fear it won't be done that well so I find myself turning to fics. If anyone has any recs, throw them at me.
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on December 21st, 2015 03:21 am (UTC)
I just looked at my above comment and am a bit appalled at all the random missing words. Apparently writing a dissertation means I can't spare proper English toward other things. :\

(this may be why the fic I was trying to write has pretty much devolved into Claire and Karen yelling at Matt and then commiserating with each other...)

Yeah, I largely support the idea of Claire and Karen drinking some whiskey-laced tea and commiserating about how they never signed up for this kind of work.