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08 November 2015 @ 08:38 pm
Brief Film Review: Spectre  
It's a very, very brief review as I don't have too much to say about the latest Bond installment. I liked watching it and it had loads of fun scenes bracketed by loads of boring scenes. So for me it was a typical Bond film.

In a nutshell, Bond goes rogue, fights some bad guys, seduces some women, and looks great in a suit. Given that Skyfall tried to get a bit more complicated with Bond's backstory, this felt like a weird hybrid of old classic!Bond and complex psyche!Bond. Also, all this talk about the film being progressive because Bond finally gets a Bond Girl closer to his age (Monica Bellucci looking good at 51) was completely canceled out by him hooking up with the actual main Bond Girl of the film played by Lea Seydoux who is 30 to Daniel Craig's 47. Actually, the entire treatment of women in this movie with the exception of Moneypenny (Naomi Harris) made it seem like really classic Bond with all the wayward misogyny and poor characterizations.

In a weird way, Bond was the least interesting character in the film for me. Or rather, he was the least interesting when he was doing very Bond-ish things like fighting or seducing. He seemed to only light up a bit when exchanging banter with M (hello again Ralph Fiennes!), Moneypenny and Q (Ben Whishaw). Honestly, I kind of wanted a movie where Moneypenny, Q, and Tanner (Rory Kinner) are just trying to get through their day while getting off the books mission calls from Bond about needing some help. And after bitching about it to each other, they sigh resignedly and gets Bond what he needs. Those three deserve their own movie. Even if this is Daniel Craig's last Bond film, I really hope they keep the same actors for all the supporting roles.

I think I liked Skyfall more as an overall story but Spectre certainly wasn't bad and if you're an old school Bond fan, there are some fun easter eggs. And on a random note, Andrew Scott is in this movie as a government guy who is referred to as C. The whole Q is Really A Holmes Brother crossover thing just got that much more possible in my mind because I kept having to remind myself that C was not really Moriarty there to mess with Sherlock's brother.