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06 August 2015 @ 03:35 pm
Meet Pater Holmes  
Elementary has cast Sherlock's father. So apparently he's real!

They also named him Morland Holmes which is something I think I have to get used to. Morland is not a complete non-Holmesian name but it feels a little weird to me.

John Noble has played two memorable dads recently in his career. There was crazed Denethor who wins for Worst Father of the Year Award and crazed in a different way Walter Bishop who wins the Worst Father of the Year Award Because He Tried to Win the Best Father of the Year Award. Noble doesn't really look like JLM or Rhys Ifans but I guess we can believe both men look more like their mother. Speaking of which, are we ever going to hear about Sherlock's mother? Is she alive? If so, does he ever talk to her?

In any case, November 4th is the premiere date. Calendar marked!