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29 July 2015 @ 07:04 pm
Hannibal Daemons  
Since the show is cancelled, I figured this was my last chance to do daemons for this show. In my research for animals that could be related to these characters, I was reminded that the animal kingdom can be an extremely weird place. I might do Jack Crawford and the Scientists Three at a later time.

Animal: Dark footed ant-spider
Name: Ragna (meaning 'advice or counsel')
Nickname: She doesn't have one
Major Personality Traits: Ant-spiders resemble ants physically and are often mistaken for ants by predators. While many spiders mimic ants in order to protect themselves, the dark footed ant-spider takes it to the next level by mimicking ants not only in appearance but in behavior. They do this not only to protect themselves but to lure other spiders in order to devour them. Ragna is seemingly a very sociable, warm, and generous daemon. When in public, she presents as a six-legged ant, hiding her extra two legs as antennae, thus leading everyone to believe she was an ant until much later. She only unfurls her full 8 legged form when in private or whenever she and Hannibal are "grocery shopping." Like her human, Ragna is very intelligent and cultured.
How he/she sleeps: Ragna usually sleeps nestled somewhere in Hannibal's hair, often unseen.
How he/she travels with his/her human: Ragna is usually clinging to Hannibal's lapel when they're traveling.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: When Hannibal is giving therapy, Ragna sits on the back of his hand. When they're cooking, she'll sometimes crawl around the food items. She also likes to sketch with Hannibal, dipping one of her legs into the ink.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Ragna was an ant for quite awhile before she and Hannibal were orphaned. Soon after they were taken in by Hannibal's uncle and his wife, Ragna would often be rather large, predatory animals like panthers and tigers until she settled into something surprisingly small.
What his/her voice sounds like: Like her human, Ragna speaks with a slight accent and is almost always soft spoken, rarely raising her voice.

Animal: Lyrebird
Name: Kazuko (ironically meaning 'harmony or one')
Nickname: She doesn't have one
Major Personality Traits: Lyrebirds are shy by nature and difficult to approach. Their one main talent is that they have the ability to mimic just about any sound with their song. Like her human, Kazuko can be a little anti-social and prefers to be alone. She often thinks about her name and eventual settled form as something of a disappointment. She doesn't feel particularly harmonious and thinks her long tail feathers are fussy. She often wishes she could pluck them out or that Will had decided on a more straightforward bird form, like a blackbird or better yet, a dog or a wolf. When having to interact with other daemons, she'll keep to Will close enough that other daemons can only get so close before they risk touching her human and have to keep their distance. Being very small, Ragna has been able to get close enough to touch Kazuko with one of her legs. The only others to usually touch Kazuko is either Will or sometimes one of his dogs.
How he/she sleeps: Usually she'll sleep under Will's bed or among his dogs.
How he/she travels with his/her human: Kazuko will usually walk next to Will. Sometimes he carries her when they're perusing a crime scene.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: If Will and Kazuko are with other people, she'll sit behind one of Will's legs. If they're alone, she'll explore more.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Kazuko longed to be a dog. She spent most of her youth being a dog of various kinds and hoped to settle as one. She was very unhappy when she became a bird instead.
What his/her voice sounds like: Kazuko can sound a little high strung and vaguely upset most of the time. She has a precise way of speaking and tends to think very carefully before talking in most cases.

Animal: Swan
Name: Arash (meaning 'truthfulness or bright')
Nickname: Ash
Major Personality Traits: Swans are highly intelligent and tend to remember who has been kind to them. They are by nature gentle creatures and do not attack arbitarily. However, when they have been threatened or attacked, they are known to be vicious in their retaliation. Ash, at the start, was a very open, kind, and sensitive daemon. He was always quick to join other daemons in discussions and being mindful of not startling others with aggressive stances or positions. In later years, Ash became much less concerned with this and would often unfurl his wings and peck the ground when speaking to those who bothered him.
How he/she sleeps: His customary position is to sleep by Alana's feet.
How he/she travels with his/her human: Ash walks beside Alana, usually not straying very far.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Ash will usually stay settled by Alana's feet. Sometimes he'll put his head in her lap if they're sitting.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Ash favored being daemons that could usually fly or climb great distances in order to explore the world as much as possible. During their initial Flannery O'Connor obsession, he was a peacock for several days before realizing they were rather stupid creatures.
What his/her voice sounds like: Ash had a very precise, bright, clear voice, often sounding as if he was smiling or laughing about something. While the precision and brightness has remained, he no longer sounded quite so happy in later years.

Animal: Atlas moth
Name: Daedalus (meaning 'cunning.' It was also the name of Icarus' father who also flew using man-made wings. Daedalus, unlike his son, survived.)
Nickname: He doesn't have one.
Major Personality Traits: Atlas moths are quite large for moths and colorful. The distinctive pattern on their wings is to scare off predators and their front tips of their wings looks like snakes poised to strike. Despite their aggressive look, atlas moths can be quite fragile with short life spans. They also curiously have no mouths and do not eat once they emerge from larvae stage. Daedalus is a fiercely intelligent, private, and seemingly detached daemon. If he had it his way, he'd be small enough to hide somewhere about Bedelia's person or be less conspicious. However, due to his size and the brightness of his colors, he is almost always noticed straightaway.
How he/she sleeps: He sleeps against Bedelia's headboard.
How he/she travels with his/her human: Daedalus will often cling to Bedelia's back when they're traveling, giving others the unsettling picture of Bedelia having eyes on her back.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Usually, Daedalus will sit behind Bedelia on the back of her chair when she's giving therapy. However, on several occassions when she was giving therapy to Hannibal, he would sometimes come around and perch instead on her shoulder.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: When he was young, Daedalus preferred being things like snakes or beetles, something that could be held close by Bedelia and/or hidden.
What his/her voice sounds like: Daedalus has a deep, sonorous voice. He usually sounds restrained, even more so when his curiosity about something is peaked.