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15 July 2015 @ 08:56 pm
Meme (Childhood Fannishness)  
Five canon moments that turned a casual fandom into a hardcore fandom for you.

While I'm not involved in the fandom that exists for this movie, this is probably my oldest and longest lasting fannish love. And I recently watched the films again so I give you: Ghostbusters. I only did the first movie because I couldn't whittle down both films into 5 top scenes.

It was difficult choosing only 5 but here we go in chronological order:

1) "I have a plan. I know exactly what to do." (The library scene) - I remember watching this early scene as a kid and bursting out laughing because I wasn't expecting Ray's plan to be "get her!" Nor was I expecting three grown men to start shrieking. Granted, that library ghost's true form is pretty startling.

2) "Why worry?" (The elevator scene) - There is some hilarious face acting by everyone when Egon switches on Ray's proton pack. I love how Egon is actually edging away in that tiny space like two inches is going to make a difference if a nuclear accelerator blows. The no smoking sign in the back is also a chuckly touch. I will say that in rewatching this movie as an adult, it was jarring to see all the actors smoking. That would never go down in a film made for kids now.

3) "That's a big Twinkie." (The Twinkie scene) - I probably would have found my science classes a lot more entertaining if my teachers had looped in junk food to explain things to us. In general, I liked the random character bit that Egon had a junk food addiction. You see candy wrappers and chip bags lying around wherever he's working along with Peter giving him a Crunch bar earlier in the movie as a reward for being right about something. For whatever reason, he seemed the least likely of the group to eat so much processed sugar but there we go.

4) "Is this true?" (The dick joke scene) - I will never be above laughing at a good dick joke. It's really all in Bill Murray's delivery. When I used to watch this movie with my two cousins as a child, they used to quote this scene more often than any other scene. Whenever anyone near them asked "is this true?" or some variation of that question referring to some other context, one of them would say with practiced gravity, "Yes, it's true. This man has no dick" before falling down in peals of laughter. My family got sick of this very quickly.

5) "Well, there's something you don't see everyday." (The Traveller arriving scene) - I know it's a classic moment but it's classic for a reason. I wonder if the Traveller, the scariest, world-ending creature of old, felt angry on the inside that it had to manifest as a 100 food marshmallow man that was sporting an inane smile on its face. I mean, you're here to begin Armageddon and you have to do it in the body of a puffy marshmallow dressed as a sailor? That's gotta be a little humiliating. Damn you, Ray Stanz.

Bonus: "We got one!" (The first call) - This one gets at least a mention because I still remember how excited I felt for those guys when they finally got a job. As an adult, I couldn't help but notice the three video game stations in their dining area near the fire pole. Whose idea was that to put those there? And why? Aren't they on a budget? I originally thought it was probably Peter but given that Ray was fine with buying the firestation that was mostly put together with glue and staples as well as a car that was 98% rust, he's a contender for worst money spender. Or maybe those aren't video game stations. Maybe they're ghost trackers Ray and Egon built out of spare arcade parts.

On a slightly related note, I'm curious how the three of them met each other. As a child, I think I assumed they all knew each other through sharing an office space at the university but the three of them most likely got there already as a set. I then assumed that it was Ray who knew Peter and Egon separately through work and brought them all together. But I recently read in Sholly Fisch's novel (which isn't canon but it feels close enough) that Egon and Peter are childhood friends. If this is true, I want to know how far back in childhood we're talking about. Like college childhood friends or grade school childhood friends? College feels more likely but I can also very easily see a 6 year old Egon trying to test if Pop Rocks and Coke really do cause explosions while a 6 year old Peter sells tickets to the other kids to watch the experiment.
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