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13 July 2015 @ 11:39 pm
Meme (Wedding Edition)  
Yeah, I did a wedding meme for Winnie and Elliot. I need help but first I need to find the right support group.

Who proposed?

How did they propose?
Elliot had been thinking about asking for awhile and finally bought a ring and was going to arrange for a weekend getaway to propose. Then a case happened and there might have been some lives threatened and some fighting against Bad People (most of it done by Winnie). Afterward, Elliot walked Winnie to her dad’s place to pick up something and they started reminiscing about how the first time they kissed, it was under very similar circumstances (i.e. nearly being injured, ending up by Bucky’s front steps). It struck Elliot at that instant that the moment wasn’t going to get anymore perfect. Except for the fact that he didn’t have the ring on him which he remembered after he already got down on his knee.

Elliot: I swear I bought one. It’s back at the house. Uh, here. *finds a rubber band in his jacket pocket* The real one’s much nicer.

Who stressed more over wedding planning?
Neither of them did. Both Elliot and Winnie wanted a very simple wedding with minimal fuss. They only invited close friends and family and managed to find the venue, the wedding dress, and decide on food in one week.

Who had the wildest bachelor(ette) party?
Against all odds, Elliot. His best friend was so ecstatic that Elliot was getting married that he somehow got a hold of Tony Stark’s number and roped him into helping. The next morning, Elliot and the rest of the party woke up in Greece. No one really remembered how they got there (they’re assuming on a Stark Jet?), no one really remembered what happened (they drank a lot? Thor brought Asgardian ale? How are they not dead?) or why they chose Greece (“I think we were trying for France?”). Elliot found an email he’d sent to himself at some point during the evening which looked like the outline for how he’d solved the case of Jack the Ripper.

Lewis: Oh my god! Even at your bachelor party you were writing a paper.
Elliot: I don’t think it counts. I basically deduced somehow that Jack the Ripper’s real identity was JFK and that’s why he was assassinated…by Elvis.

Who freaked out before the wedding?
Winnie wouldn’t say she ‘freaked out.’ She just had a moment where she realized that in ten minutes she was going to be someone’s spouse. And she had no idea what that looked like as neither of her parents are married. She had a talk with Joan and was fine.

Steve was very proud of the fact that Bucky did not freak out.

Steve: It's great you're so calm.
Bucky: *stares* What, you thought I was going to go on a murder rampage at my daughter's wedding?
Steve: *horrified* No! No, that's not what I meant at all!
Bucky: *grins* Man, that joke never gets old.
Steve: *frowns* That's because it was already dead the first time you pulled it.

Best man/maid of honor
Elliot’s best man was Lewis, his best and oldest friend since they were children. Natasha jokingly called him Elliot’s Bucky.

Bucky: How come he's not Elliot's Steve? Lewis got them stranded in Greece because he acted without thinking. That's totally Steve.
Steve: Hey! I'm right here!
Natasha: Yeah. But Elliot's the one who can't loosen up and looks vaguely worried all the time. That's classic Steve.

Winnie’s maid/man of honor was JJ, who took his duties very seriously, thanks. He didn’t get everyone drunk and end up somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Tony: You say that like it’s a bad thing. Have I taught you nothing?
JJ: Sure, just sort of the opposite of what you were trying to teach me.

If/what they wrote in their vows?
Winnie and Elliot wanted to keep the ceremony time down as much as possible since they knew everyone would want to get to the reception party anyway. Or in Sherlock's case, just not have to sit still for hours. So they didn’t write any vows for the wedding day itself. Two days before the wedding, when it was just the two of them, they told each other their vows as it was just between them.

Who cried at the wedding?
Elliot’s mother and possibly Clint during the ceremony but he will straight up punch you in the mouth if you accuse him of this. Later, they didn’t cry but both Bucky and Joan had happy/sad things to say to each other about Winnie when they shared a dance at the reception.

Bucky: I keep seeing every milestone of her life. When she started talking, walking, going to school, graduating from school.
Joan: It’s great, isn’t it? We get to see all of it. Even if sometimes I want to rewind the tape a little.
Bucky: And keep it on pause.

Which song did they have their first dance to?
A rendition of Elton John’s “Your Song.” They went retro.

Where did they go on their honeymoon?
Thor offered a trip to Asgard but Winnie thought it best that they stay on planet Earth. So she and Elliot decided on a trip to Iceland as Elliot’s always wanted to go there.
The Writer They Call Tayawanderingbard on July 15th, 2015 03:48 am (UTC)
Eeek! This is awesome! Look at you being all fluffy romantic. I love the bachelor party, because that is totally what happens when you give Tony Stark a task to do.

And yes, damn straight JJ took his Maid of Honour duties seriously.

Winnie: I might need--
JJ: *produces a box of basically everything from a sewing kit to an AED* What? What do you need?
Winnie: Is that a gas mask?
JJ: ...no.

And he probably threw a very nice bachelorette party, and was not the slightest bit bothered by being amongst the girls.

Pssst, your pins don't seem to be working for me.

I may need to do this meme for Steve and Nora now, damn you.
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on July 15th, 2015 04:07 am (UTC)
I love the bachelor party, because that is totally what happens when you give Tony Stark a task to do.

By Tony's standards, that bachelor party was perfectly average and safe. No one got injured and no one needed to be paid a huge amount to keep from taking legal action.

Pssst, your pins don't seem to be working for me.

Okay, hopefully they're now fixed. I spent way more time than I should have looking for this stuff.

I may need to do this meme for Steve and Nora now, damn you.

If I'm going down, someone's coming down with me.