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22 May 2015 @ 10:41 pm
Supernatural: Can't Shake It Off  
I always think I'm done with Supernatural and in many ways I am. I haven't really cared about the lives of the main characters since season 7 but I never seem to be able to completely ditch the show. I think the problem is that the show almost always introduces something every season that sounds awesome on paper and looks good during the first half. But inevitably the writers drive it into the ground with too much exposition and a desire to pile on the manpain that I've grown numb to whatever trials await the Winchesters.

I watched only select episodes of season 10 so I didn't end up following the Mark of Cain plot with great scrutiny. As I said, I've sort of stopped caring about the lives of the main characters which at this point are the Winchesters, Castiel and Crowley. I actually found myself caring a lot more about the lives of those who come into contact with them and are almost always ruined. Like the handful of episodes this season that focused on Claire Novak were great. I'd always hoped that Claire and her mother were doing okay after learning the truth, as I'm sure Castiel also hoped. But no, turns out their lives have been completely ruined. I loved seeing Claire as she was now, an angry, damaged, hurt teenager. She has every right to hate Castiel for what happened to her family, even if the stakes were quite high. I liked all her interactions with Castiel, who was doing his best (and failing) to try and be something of a parental figure to her. Her telling him she can't be around him because he looks like her father and blaming him for everything was understandable. And I was glad that later Dean told her Jimmy was a hero for what he did. As happy as I was that Jimmy Novak and his wife were reunited in heaven, I remained very sad for Claire. Sure, she's in a more stable place with Jody but it's clear she plans on becoming a hunter which just starts this awful cycle.

The Mark of Cain plot started out fine for me even if I wasn't too crazy about them bringing in another religious figure to this show. However, in typical Supernatural fashion, season 10's finale that further explained what the Mark of Cain really was drove any sense of mystery into the ground. I was perfectly fine with believing the mark was a curse upon Cain. But having it turn into the thing that contains the Darkness that existed before God created the universe felt like overkill. But again, typical.

I initially believed the only good thing to come out of the Mark of Cain plot was seeing Timothy Omundson on my TV again, But then I saw this parody video. Even if you only watched this show through season 5, this video is worth it. Especially for the end montage that featured just about everyone. The Best Awesome Bad Dancing Award goes to Omundson who is killing it in his purple suit.

Liliaethliliaeth on May 23rd, 2015 06:58 am (UTC)
Honestly, I loved the mark of Cain storyline, because for the first time in a while, it put the Winchesters in the center of the storyline again. And I hope the same will keep happening with the darkness storyline.

I was bored with s9, because well... it wasn't about the Winchesters. It was all about Castiel, who to me, only interests me when he's around Dean. I like the supporting characters, but primarily for how they relate to Dean.

He's the heart of the show to me, and if he's relegated to a minor character in Cas or Sam's storyline then that's when the show starts losing my interest.

I liked Claire, exactly because of how her storyline interacted with Dean as well as with Cas.
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on May 23rd, 2015 03:06 pm (UTC)
The reason I know I can't be a regular viewer of this is show is that whether it be a Winchester or Castiel, I've ceased to care about their story as a full arc. To me the show's been around too long and the writers have thrown so much on the characters with comparatively very little lasting consequences that I no longer feel any sense of mystery or urgency for their plight. It all feels a bit rinse and repeat which for some, I can see, is the reason to keep watching every week but for me I can't.

The Winchesters have died and come back a record amount of times now and after Castiel got his being human storyline for a season before reverting back, everything feels about done.

At this point, I'd care more about what Death is up to or even what the missing God is doing lately because it would feel like a change of pace.