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22 May 2015 @ 01:52 pm
Meme (Crack Crossovers Time, Part Cinq)  
Thanks awanderingbard!

Fifth time around the wheel, these 10 people:
1. James Bond (Skyfall)
2. Beverly Katz (Hannibal)
3. Cecil Palmer (Welcome to Night Vale)
4. Natasha Romanov (MCU)
5. John Watson (Sherlock)
6. Bucky Barnes (MCU)
7. Jack Harkness (Torchwood)
8. Joan Watson (Elementary)
9. Angie Martinelli (MCU)
10. Maria Stark (MCU)

1. 6 (Bucky Barnes) and 3 (Cecil Palmer) attend the same social event. What’s the event likely to be?

It's probably some science expo thrown by a Stark. Bucky is there out of interest and Cecil is there as Carlos the Scientist's date.

2. What is 7’s (Jack Harkness') worst fear?

To be all alone in the end.

3. 10 (Maria Stark) and 1 (James Bond) both join the military. Which one of them is most likely to do well? How would the other one handle the military?

Well, Bond has already been part of the military so he'd probably race through it again. Maria, I think, would struggle but if she put her mind to it, she'd probably make it through basic training at the least.

4. 2 (Beverly Katz) bakes a cake. What flavor will it be? Will it have frosting? Sprinkles? Or will it taste awful, and the flavor indistinguishable?

Beverly would make a cake completely from a box. Like a very easy Sarah Lee kind of cake, complete with the frosting included in the packet. This guarantees that the cake will taste like a Sarah Lee cake because no one can mess those up. She's probably made it to celebrate someone's work anniversary at the morgue.

5. 5 (John Watson) and 8 (Joan Watson) crash into each other while walking around a mall and both drop whatever they’re buying in the collision. What’s likely to happen?

There would be a lot of apologizing and reassurances that it's completely fine, no problem. They might both look at each other a little funny that they're both buying ingredients that could be used to build a homemade bomb before saying at the same time that their roommate isn't a terrorist.

6. What is 4’s (Natasha Romanov) nickname? If he/she doesn’t have one, make one up.

Her close friends call her Nat or Tash. A SHIELD worker once jokingly called her Roro. He was never seen again. Just kidding! He's totally fine! He just never called her that again. Ever.

7. Would 9 (Angie Martinelli) and 8 (Joan Watson) make a good team when robbing a bank?

This can take place in a world where Angie and Bond are a couple and Bond is in some weird joint mission with Sherlock and Joan, time periods be damned! But yes, Joan and Angie would make a pretty good team. Joan would do early scouting and figure out codes and routines of the bank workers. Later Angie would provide a distraction while Joan gets in to the vaults.

8. A tornado warning has been issued for 2’s (Beverly Katz's) area. How do they react? For example: Do they run to the basement, or do they run outside with a camera?

Beverly would run for the basement but after the storm was over she'd come out to investigate the damage.

9. 6 (Bucky Barnes) and 4 (Natasha Romanov) are in a play. The two are forced to share a kiss. Repulsive or hot? Something else entirely?

By this point I'd say Bucky and Natasha have regained their memories of what happened between them years ago. So having to kiss for a play (which is most likely due to some mission related thing) would be an old hat for them. "Liking riding a bicycle" as Natasha would say. Bucky wouldn't be sure if that comparison is a good thing or not.

10. If 1 (James Bond), 3 (Cecil Palmer), and 7 (Jack Harnkess) were in an old detective movie, who would be the bad guy, who would be the detective, and who would be the detective’s love interest?

Bond and Jack would think of themselves as the detectives and the other as the bad guy. While they're fighting and trying to kill each other, Cecil would probably do the actual investigating like any investigative journalist would. He'd actually solve the case but then report on something completely tangential, thinking that was the solution. Hopefully no one actually hired this trio.

11. 5 (John Watson) and 9 (Angie Martinelli) are vacationing when something happens and they end up deserted on a small island with little means of survival. Who makes it the longest? What happens to the other?

I can see John's military and medical training helping him out a lot in this situation. Angie is also great at thinking on her feet so I think the two of them would be able to survive for awhile. It wouldn't have to be too long as the combined deductive skills of Sherlock and the resources of Peggy and Howard would lead to John and Angie getting rescued ASAP.

12. 10 (Maria Stark) hears there is a dangerous serial killer in the area, and the media lists 10’s (Sarah) hair color and gender as the killer’s victim type. What’s 10’s (Maria Stark) reaction? Will they not care? Go out and buy extra locks for their doors?

Being threatened? Must be a Tuesday. Howard would probably assign SHIELD's best agents to look after Maria 24/7 until the killer was caught. Maria would probably tell a couple of the SHIELD agents (most likely Peggy) to please focus on finding the killer since this 24/7 protection isn't good for anyone.

13. 6 (Bucky Barnes) and 8 (Joan Watson)– how likely are they as a pair?

Haha, really meme? Well, I already thought this through when I did my backstory for Winnie but basically, Joan meets Bucky through Sam Wilson. She and Sam knew each other from Joan's sober companion days when she helped out some of the vets who relocated to New York from DC and Sam hooked them up with services to help maintain their sobriety. Joan and Sherlock end up on a case in DC where Joan reconnects with Sam and meets Bucky. They start up a brief relationship after Bucky relocates back to Brooklyn. It's fun for both of them and surprisingly lowkey within the context of their lives which is usually filled with chaos. But it ends mainly as both know it's not really going to go anywhere. At this point in their lives, Joan wants to continue to investigate crimes and not setttle down in the traditional domestic sense whereas Bucky really wants to live as an average a life as he can manage and only help out on missions when the situation is critical. But shortly after they break up, Joan finds out she's pregnant and she wants to keep the baby. So she and Bucky go through a series of conversations where they work out how they'll be parents but not parents who are together. Bucky might have had a fleeting moment of internalized 1940s values where he thought to marry Joan since she's going to have his kid but Joan refused that on every level. They later agree that Winnifred is the best thing to have come out of their relationship.

14. 10 (Maria Stark) is in a romantic relationship with 7 (Jack Harkness), but later finds out he/she is more attracted to 2 (Beverly Katz). Who will they choose – 7 (Jack Harkness) or 2 (Beverly Katz)?

I think Maria and Beverly would make a better couple. Both are into science and have similar temperaments. I can see why Maria would be attracted to Jack but the constant lying and keeping her at a distance would get old for her.

15. Someone throws a surprise birthday party for 9 (Angie Martinelli)! Who planned it, and who showed up?

Peggy planned it and despite having only met her twice, Howard offers up a location and funds the whole thing because he loves throwing parties. Angie's friends from their ladies hotel and the theater district would attend, along with Peggy obviously and Howard because again, he loves parties. Plus, he wants to meet all of Angie's friends. The lady ones. And I'll just throw in Bond because it's becoming weirdly canon now to me that he and Angie could be a couple.

16. 1 (James Bond) and 3 (Cecil Palmer) skip one of their classes together. What was the class?

History class. Bond has better things to do and Cecil is constantly confused and annoyed that none of the facts are right. Berlin is not a real city!

17. 4 (Natasha Romanov) and 5 (John Watson) are playing a video game together. What’s the video game?

Most likely something narrative based in the horror genre. Like Silent Hill. Natasha would ultimately be better at it than John but John would give her a run for her money.

18. Which of the ten characters listed is likely to be a huge anime fan? Would they hide it, or be proud of it?
Beverly Katz would be a huge anime fan. I could totally see her knowing the names of every show, every manga, and every character and their story arcs. She most likely got into it along with her brother. She'd totally hide it because she wouldn't want to perpetuate the stereotype of Asians and anime. But goddammit, it takes all her willpower not to attend every Con near the Baltimore area.
The Writer They Call Tayawanderingbard on May 22nd, 2015 09:44 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I weirdly want to either write it or read it.

I just came up with a plausible plotline as I was falling asleep for my nap. Well, plausible by assuming Bond is in the 1940's and always has been. We don't need time travel up in here, it's too complicated already.

This would be the best double date ever.

I'm imagining some situation where Howard spots Angie and Bond while out in public, and pops by to say hi.

Angie: Hey! This is James' friend, erm, Q.
Howard: Hey there.
Q: *entirely behind laptop screen, raises hand above it to wave*
Bond: He's very dedicated.
Howard: *peeking around* Whatcha up to, Chatterbox?
Q: I'm designing an amphibious vehicle suitable for both arctic and dessert travel.

*five minutes later, Howard has pulled up ad chair at the table*

Howard: But what if you moved the fins to the back? They'd be more aerodynamic and you wouldn't have to worry about water getting into the engine if the seal breaks.
Q: That is an excellent suggestion, but I think you'll find that, since I designed it, the seal would never break.
Howard: *big grin* You should come to my place, I can have this built for you in an hour.
Q: The Wi-Fi is very good here, I don't want to break my stride.
Howard: I have Wi-Fi in the car, way better than this place.
Q: *eyebrow quirk* How far away is your house?

Haha! For Q it would so be a selling point that he doesn't even have to change out of pajamas to get married while Howard is like, "Are you kidding? I'm renting out Westminster Abbey!"


Q: Only royalty can get married there.
Howard: Royalty and me. I know a guy. Well, a bishop. The arch one.
Q: I suppose he's from Canterbury?
Howard: How'd you guess?
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on May 23rd, 2015 02:56 am (UTC)
Q: That is an excellent suggestion, but I think you'll find that, since I designed it, the seal would never break.
Howard: *big grin* You should come to my place, I can have this built for you in an hour.

This is the best nerd flirting I've ever seen.
The Writer They Call Tayawanderingbard on May 23rd, 2015 03:08 am (UTC)
This is the best nerd flirting I've ever seen.

Thank you. I have a hard time writing characters who are supposed to be good at flirting. Especially Howard and Tony. 'Is this charming? Is it creepy? Is creepy but also charming?'

Vaguely related, I've had a 1940's play list on all day (research is dangerous, don't start researching, you will never stop), and this feels like a Howard and Maria song, so I've added it to my headcanon as something they dance to a lot, and he possibly hums when he's in a good mood.

I've also discovered a suitable pattern for a 1960's tea set that Jarvis owns. That's what I've accomplished today!

Edited at 2015-05-23 03:09 am (UTC)
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on May 23rd, 2015 03:30 am (UTC)
Especially Howard and Tony. 'Is this charming? Is it creepy? Is creepy but also charming?'

I feel like creepy/charming is a line the Starks will always be walking.

That song is great! I'm joining your headcanon that it's Howard and Maria's song.
The Writer They Call Tayawanderingbard on May 23rd, 2015 03:51 am (UTC)
I feel like creepy/charming is a line the Starks will always be walking.

The most trouble I've ever had was Howard and Maria's first date, but that rapidly got okay once she was there and settled, so I think I was picking up on Howard's nervous vibes.

That song is great! I'm joining your headcanon that it's Howard and Maria's song.

This 40's playlist I have on is a great range of torch songs, really patriotic war songs, instrumental big band, and unexpected twangy country songs. I just picture all my 40's characters having a big dance party. Except for Jarvis, who's probably just tapping his toe discreetly in a corner.

I've also been looking at Welshie pictures for Haddie, and my favourite things about Welshies is that they sometimes look like this and they sometimes look like this or this and there is basically nothing in between.
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on May 23rd, 2015 04:03 am (UTC)
I feel like those photos of Haddie perfectly capture Jarvis. He's so proper half the time and the other time he looks like he's barely holding it together as something insane is happening in front of him.
The Writer They Call Tayawanderingbard on May 23rd, 2015 04:21 am (UTC)
He's so proper half the time and the other time he looks like he's barely holding it together as something insane is happening in front of him.

Welshies sometimes get a little cowlick on the tops of their heads, and I imagine Jarvis' stress manifests itself by Haddie's hair getting more and more unkempt and curly. Which also makes me think Jarvis probably brushes her in the morning before they leave the house.

I'm also very fond of this vaguely judgemental one.
And this exhausted one.