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25 February 2015 @ 10:53 pm
About that Agent Carter Cameo  
Here's an article that talks a bit about the cameo we saw in the finale for Agent Carter and the writers connecting it back to Captain America: Winter Soldier.

So I didn't learn the psychiatrist's proper name as it's not Ivchenko but Johann Fenhoff. And the minute I read it, I realized it was said in the finale. Why do I have SUCH a hard time keeping this guy's name in my mind? Is this part of his weird hypnotism trick??

Anyway, it makes a lot of sense to me that the science of physically turning Bucky into the Winter Soldier was Zola's area whereas the mind controlling was Fenhoff's. Although this kind of messes up a fic I had going as now I need to somehow insert Fenhoff. Damn you, slow Word Fairy! This is what happens when we take a long, long vacation. New canon comes in and blasts our stories to AU. But at least now I get to write some fun hypnotism stuff.

So I have a few questions. Why is Zola in prison? More importantly, why is he in an American prison? Last I remember, he was being shipped off to Switzerland after he gave up information about Red Skull. Of course, he took something of a detour to pick up Bucky but how did he get from there to here? I'm tempted to say he deliberately got himself into the same prison as Fenhoff to meet him but that feels a bit Omniscent Overlord Villain which is never really how I saw Zola. But maybe I'm underestimating his leadership qualities. Maybe after the death of Red Skull and what looked like one head of Hydra, Zola stepped up his puppetmaster game. It's things like this that only further fuel my need for a season 2 to happen.