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19 December 2014 @ 12:21 pm
Elementary: End of Watch  
Probably an unintended but interestingly timed episode.

While the mystery itself didn't really grab me, I found myself being intrigued by the timing of an episode that's about good and bad cops given all the demonstrations that had happened last week in New York around the death of Eric Garner and the ongoing strife in Ferguson. I'm almost positive that the writers of the show didn't time the episode to air during this time but I felt the shadow of both real life cases as I watched the fictional NYPD deal with the deaths of one dirty cop and one regular one. In my lifetime, I've had friends who are and who have family who are cops. I've also had friends who have been clearly racially profiled by cops. As such, while I understand the protectiveness and respect that has to be given to the police who hold a group mentality of 'brothers in blue,' I'm also aware of how corruption can and has weaved its way into that group think. I think the moment I thought about this the most was when the ex-partner of the first victim was so hyper sensitive to being cast out should the rest of the police begin to suspect he had something to do with a cop's death.

But anyway, other than this, I found this episode overall ho hum. I missed more so in this episode than any other the kind of emotional interactions Joan and Sherlock used to share. I really thought at some point it would come up in front of her that someone was stealing Sherlock's confessions for a blog and when it didn't, I was kind of disappointed. I was pretty satisfied with the way Sherlock handled that issue, though. I liked that he didn't break the blogger's anonymity but made it clear that he depends on these meetings and thus the blog had to be taken down. I get the blogger's desire to want to help others but I was with Sherlock in that this is a clear violation of his rights as a meeting attendee, even if names are not given. It has to do with finding comfort by blending into a crowd. Although I was wondering if the last scene with Sherlock choosing not to share at the last meeting suggested that already he's feeling a little hesitant about speaking given what's happened.
aelfgyfu_mead: Joan Watsonaelfgyfu_mead on December 20th, 2014 01:29 am (UTC)
Yes: I think they wrote these months in advance and then filmed them probably weeks in advance, so the writers didn't see everything coming that has emerged recently. The episode was uncannily timely.

I kept expecting something more. I am afraid that Sherlock will naturally find it hard to open up again, and they may develop that more later. I think they were more focused on the interaction between Sherlock and Kitty here, but that fell flat: she reminds him that she's in a group too, but then she pesters him about whether he has confronted the blogger with no apparent understanding of why he wouldn't share, and he doesn't then remind her.

It felt like they had too much mystery to pack in the character interactions that we like so much. I hope it's just an anomaly. Joan really didn't get any character moments at all, unless we count noticing the signs of Flynn being an addict! That was necessary to the plot and didn't feel personal to her.