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26 October 2014 @ 10:12 pm
I'm Full on Obsessing Before the Show Even Starts  
Some additional information about Agent Carter. There's the last bit of casting news and description of the first early footage that was shown at NYCC2014.

I like how the show is squarely letting this show actually be about the title character. Peggy Carter is here to do a job and kick ass while doing it. And she'll do it alone if she has to because she can and has.

I can't find the link now but I'd read somewhere that Howard Stark makes more of a cursory appearance and it's really Jarvis who helps Peggy out with mainly the tech Howard's left behind. I'm not sure if that's true and if it is, I am a bit disappointed because I have strong Peggy/Howard Work Spouse OTP feelings. Based on the other casting news, I'm really hoping we see the building of SHIELD from the ground up.

The character of Angie based off of the early casting call sheet sounds like she's supposed to be Peggy's "normal life" friend. As in, the one who has no clue Peggy's a secret agent but would probably completely support her and think it's amazing if she did know. That's good. TV Land could use more strong female friendships that constantly pass the Bechdel Test.

Also, apparently, Edwin Jarvis is married. Does Mrs. Jarvis also work for Howard? Did Tony ever get to meet her? If Mrs. Jarvis doesn't work for Stark, does she know what her husband's duties entail? Or is she under the impression that he's manservant whose duties fall within the parameters of "iron shirts and arrange dinner menu" and not so much "help secret agents with missions"?

Oh yeah. And the Age of Ultron trailer came out. That's exciting too. No, but really, it is. I just want to see the movie before I either mostly squeal or mostly frown at it. For whatever reason I'm totally willing to pre-squeal about Agent Carter but I'm waiting on Ultron.