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24 May 2014 @ 05:11 pm
Hannibal: Mizumono  
I haven't been reviewing this show at all really this season but that had more to do with my utter awe of it rather than me falling away from it. Plus, not many on my flist watch it so there probably wouldn't be much discussion going on. However, I had to post something about the finale because it was incredible. Very different from last season but clearly a complete game changer for what we'll encounter next season.

I don't ship Will and Hannibal in the romantic sense. But I do completely ship them as incredibly messed up soul mates. Bryan Fuller has made it clear in various interviews that Will is heterosexual and his attachment/fascination for Hannibal is not based in a sexual attraction. It's based on a bond one can share with someone who sees them completely for who they are and what they're capable of. I've really enjoyed the tightrope Will walked in the latter half of this season of someone who pretended to go along with Hannibal in order to trap him but clearly along the way started to fall for his own seduction. As he said to Peter Bernadone, it would be so much simpler if he hated Hannibal. But he doesn't. You can't even say he loves Hannibal or that he's just obsessed with him. It's more like Will depends on Hannibal now for certain emotional experiences that he can't get anywhere else.

The same can probably be said for Hannibal. So, okay. I know I had ZERO reason to feel bad for someone who is a serial killer plus cannibal. But the moment he smelled Freddie Lounds on Will and realized this whole thing had been a trap, I actually felt a sliver of sympathy quiver in my chest for this SERIAL KILLER PLUS CANNIBAL. Good job, Mads Mikkelsen. I can never look at myself in the mirror again. I think the best way I can describe Hannibal when he was speaking to Will about the two of them leaving together was contentment. He feels content to leave his entire life behind as an established doctor, his wealth, and his gorgeous home if it means he'll be with Will. Again, it's not a sexual or romantic relationship but it's probably the most complete relationship either man has probably had with another person where they're so in each other's being that it envelopes them. With that in mind, I did feel kind of bad for Hannibal when he realized that Will was planning on betraying him.

I liked the nod to Red Dragon with Hannibal gutting Will and the parallel to the show's pilot with Will calling Hannibal to warn him with a simple "They know" to everyone ending up on the kitchen floor again in a bloodbath. However, I thought the Abigail reveal was a bit bizarre timing wise. I was barely getting adjusted to the idea that she was still alive before she got her throat slit again! I suppose it is a romantic gesture on Hannibal's part in "saving" Abigail for Will given his attachment to her. Aw? I guess? Of course now that Will has rejected this Murder Family Hannibal was going to give him, he takes it all away from Will in the worst way possible.

So for season 3, obviously Hannibal has escaped with nary a bruise on his face and flying first class, sipping champagne like a suave fucker with Bedelia (!?!). I know Will is going to live because that's canon along with Hugh Dancy being signed on for next season. I'm less sure about the fates of Jack, Abigail, and Alana. Injury-wise, I think Alana has the best chance of surviving. Both Jack and Abigail have throat injuries that look like an artery has been cut. And since Baltimore apparently has the slowest 911 responders ever, odds are that both can bleed out before help arrives. I'm putting my money on Abigail dying for good and perhaps Jack surviving. Although there are rumors given Laurence Fishbourne's other acting gig on a TV show, Jack might be gone and Will ends up spearheading the FBI investigation to bring down Hannibal. I guess we'll see in Season 3.