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24 April 2014 @ 11:38 pm
Elementary: The Man With the Twisted Lip  
Elementary, it's a good thing you've given us such great episodes so far because you're really cashing in on the faith I have you in right now.

Okay, not even going to pretend I cared about the mystery because JOAN! When there was about five minutes left in the episode, I suddenly remembered that Lucy Liu was going to be directing the next episode and that the plot involved Sherlock and Mycroft teaming up for some reason. And just as I recalled that I got incredibly tense as Joan opened up that envelope. I really do trust this show not to do something stupid. I don't mean them actually killing Joan because come on. But many a show has done the "female partner in peril" storyline poorly. It's usually used as an impetus to get the male partner to be upset and grow emotionally from the experience and the female partner either a) is killed b) writes off the incident like it's nothing c) is so traumatized they can't function for several episodes. I don't like any of those outcomes. I'd like it if the show could give us Sherlock rightfully being concerned and working with a brother he sort of hates for the sake of finding Joan while Joan herself is trying to escape on her end. I can accept the idea of Sherlock finding Joan and helping her escape, but I don't want her just assuming that's what's going to happen. I want her actively involved in her own rescue because that's the sort of person she is. Don't let me down, Elementary.

We had the return of Mycroft who we knew before he turned up again that he's clearly up to something suspicious and it involves Sherlock. So when he made his proposition to Joan, I wasn't buying any of it because he's obviously doing it to try and destabilize Sherlock so that he'd return to London. I am, however, curious if Mycroft is involved with Joan's kidnapping. If he is, that's just a whole new level of evil. But I could also see that incident as something completely separate, it just happened to go down near Diogenes. But it was rather suspicious that Mycroft wasn't there to greet Joan when he's been so solicitous in the past. But I guess next week will shed some light on that. Hopefully.

I felt a little conflicted about Mycroft's speech to Sherlock regarding the latter's treatment of Joan. On one hand, Mycroft is Up To Something so everything he says feels like a manipulation to get Sherlock on unsteady ground. But, that doesn't mean his actual words are incorrect. Sherlock does tend to go into Interrogation/No Boundaries mode whenever the routine and partnership he's created with Joan comes under threat of change because he does so desperately need it to remain stable. However, it's not fair to Joan who is more than just her work and what she can provide for Sherlock. I sort of wished that Joan was the person who got to say these things but for plot purposes I could accept it was Mycroft speaking a truth for his own gains.

I did, however, like that Joan was not at all pleased with Sherlock's comment about "shared custody arrangement" because when he said that, I was like, "Oh no, you did NOT." So I was all for her threatening him with bodily pain should he use that phrase again. I also liked that she didn't exactly accept his apology but commented that they always seem to come after he's gotten what he wants already. Which is a fair point. This discord between Sherlock and Joan with the arrival of Mycroft while not my favorite thing in the world felt rather organic, based on already existing issues between them. Mycroft isn't coming in and wreaking chaos or telling straight out lies about the other's character in order to create problems. He's just using Sherlock's rather selfish dependency of Joan against him so that Sherlock's worst qualities start to come out and Joan's patience isn't endless. In this sense, I felt like the writers got the dynamics of the characters right so that the arguments felt natural rather than forced.

So, I really do hope they keep up the good work for next week because GODDAMMIT IF THEY MESS UP WITH JOAN AND THIS KIDNAPPED PLOT LINE...
aelfgyfu_mead: Joan Watsonaelfgyfu_mead on May 3rd, 2014 11:51 pm (UTC)
I hope you'll post about your reaction to this week's soon! I was furious with last week's. I thought Sherlock was a bit much even for him, and Mycroft was so smarmy I couldn't understand why Joan didn't need to take a shower every time she talked with him, and then the end of the episode!

This week's went a long way towards making me happy again, though.
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on May 3rd, 2014 11:55 pm (UTC)
How it is that Joan is attracted to Mycroft I will never understand. Never.

Yup, the review will be going up soon!