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19 April 2014 @ 07:57 pm
Hannibal: Su-zakana  
Okay, I haven't even attempted to write reviews of the Hannibal episodes because I just don't have the time. But this episode felt like the penultimate episode to some sort of game-changing episode so I had some thoughts. Also, the show's shifted gears it seems by introducing to us another set of canon characters.

This show continues to get some great guest stars that they push to deliver awesome performances. The top one for me in this episode was Jeremy Davies as Peter Bernardone. Looking like a more frail version of Ben Whishaw, Davies puts in a rather heartbreaking performance as a man who is constantly misunderstood and unheard. It's really seeing the helplessness and fear in his character that breaks it down for you what Will experienced when locked up with no one believing him that Hannibal was a killer. The parallels between Will and Peter are pretty apparent from no one believing what they say to their love of animals. But there was a fantastic bit of subtle acting from Davies when Will brings the starling for him that worked very nicely echoed their parallel lives. After Will shows Peter the bird, Will does a small 'ta da' gesture with his hands which Peter wordlessly mimics a little right after. It's a very tiny point but it looks really wonderful on screen and like a crazy person I rewound several times to watch it again and again. And while tiny, it does really set up this dynamic that Will and Peter are connecting not just through their love of animals but through their shared traumas. I always felt the most amount of sympathy toward Will whenever his attachment to his dogs took front and center, so I found myself feeling SUPER distressed when Peter walked into that barn and saw all of his empty pet cages. His horror was so palpable that all I wanted to do was either find all the animals for him or kill the guy who took them away. So good job, writers.

Speaking of killing, I always love it when killers of the week are faced with Hannibal Lecter. On a show where I always feel conflicted about being entertained when watching a cannibal do his thing, it's nice to feel completely okay with watching Hannibal take down another monster. The social worker was so annoyingly cocky with his alpha male killer attitude that I adored how Hannibal barely acknowledged him other than a simple, "Shhh, quiet now. The adults are talking. Go back to your horse." While it didn't happen in this episode, I'm actually going to give Hannibal a complete pass with this guy. Please, kill him and eat him and make all the cannibal puns you want. This guy is terrible. He deserves it. In fact, give him the Gideon treatment and make him eat his own leg. Do it.

And there's the final scene with Will and Hannibal.

So, this show has actually become now a procedural where a cannibal and an empath who now know what the other is and KNOWS THE OTHER KNOWS about it are working together to solve crime. I love how Will just put it out there that he rather Hannibal lie by omission rather than flat out lie. It's about as honest a relationship as they'll ever have and while I'm guessing Will is laying down a trap for Hannibal, I feel like he's doing this by flying as close to his own emotional truth as possible. He DOES find Hannibal interest and no, he doesn't want to kill him. But he does want to stop him. Meanwhile, Hannibal is basking in the smug glee that Will finally finds him interesting and likes him. And really, I think Will does like Hannibal to some sick degree. But he's never going to be okay with what Hannibal has done and will do. I think the latter part is what Hannibal is trying to change with his continued therapy with Will, to essentially let the darkness in Will fully flourish. Hannibal's line in reply to Will saying his alone in the darkness was rather chilling in a bizarrely heartwarming way (yeah, I know): "You're not alone, Will. I'm standing right beside you." And he is. HE IS. I know the episode gave us a sex scene between Hannibal and Alana (ARGH MY EYES) but the last scene between Will and Hannibal felt about 1000% more intimate. Nevermind the other serial killer still whimpering by their feet.

We got several therapy scenes in this episode (something I've dearly missed), one between Will and Hannibal which was awesome but also a couple between Hannibal and a new client, Margot Verger. Anyone who has read the books or saw the film Hannibal will be familiar with the Verger siblings. Hannibal continues to be the best/worst therapist by giving Margot a very accurate interpretation that killing her brother would be incredibly therapeutic for her (it would, Mason Verger is horrific). At the same time, he's also lightly encouraging her to actually do it and get away with it. Hannibal, you are the worst but I'm almost on your side again with this one because Mason Verger deserves bad things.