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08 March 2014 @ 02:32 pm
Please Take a Number and Wait Your Turn  
I took a look at my saved LJ entries and realized I never finished my review of the last WTNV episode. I think maybe because the content also reminded me that the next chapter for the WTNV fic is at a crucial point and I haven't had any real time to mold it into proper shape. The one thing, interestingly, that I haven't fallen back on are my Elementary reviews. I'm very pleased that this season the show doesn't conflict with my viewing of Hannibal which has been moved to Fridays. Although I sort of wish the times were reversed because I feel like I often leave Elementary viewings feeling like, "Life is full of interesting people and awesomeness!" Then I watch Hannibal and walk away feeling like, "Nope. Just pain and death and misery."

We're only 2 episodes into the 2nd season of Hannibal and already it feels so much darker and much more gruesome than season 1 which is quite a feat considering the murders we got back then. The last episode's opening sequence was particularly awful to watch for me. It wasn't even the most disgusting thing the show has ever given us but something about how it all played out was just terrible. But the show more than drew me back in with everything that followed. I love how now that Will Graham's life is at rock bottom, he's become way more calculating while Hannibal despite all his masterful calculations so far is so enamored with Will that he might not be seeing everything clearly. But I'll ruminate on that a bit more when I do a proper review of the episode.

In other random news and WTNV associations, my friend who started listening to the podcast works in a medical lab and has a coworker named Carlos. She amuses herself on Monday mornings whenever she has to reply to his emails by narrating her response in her head in Cecil's voice.

Me: But the content of your replies isn't a description of how perfect his hair is and how much you love him, right?
Friend: No, of course not, I'm not insane. Also his hair is just average.