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26 February 2014 @ 02:34 pm
Hang out with Cecil Baldwin  
In case anyone missed it, the admins of DashCon did a Google hangout with actor Cecil Baldwin. Questions posed by fans were asked and there was a lottery drawn for meeting Cecil in person at DashCon. The video is available to watch on youTube HERE.

The video was a little chaotic given that it's 7 people on video chats and the screen maximizes whoever makes even a noise on their end so it can get a little epilepsy-inducing. But all of that did very little to detract from the fanlove all around and just the fact that Cecil Baldwin is a really lovely, funny human being. His delighted reactions to some of the Tumblr URLs were great as were some of his responses to questions asked. His response to what his descriptor following his name would be (aka John Peters, you know, the farmer?) was awesome.

My personal favorite question asked to everyone was how they thought they'd get killed in Night Vale. For whatever reason I found this to be a really important question and I found myself musing on this (instead of doing actual work). I'd like to think I'd die fighting off a librarian but I'm pretty sure I'd most likely get dead because I couldn't help myself and I took a photo of Khoshekh.

And just as a bonus because Mr. Baldwin, I reiterate, is an awesome person. "Go off slowly with me."