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14 December 2013 @ 01:05 pm
Elementary: Internal Audit  
Last episode before the new year!

I'm going to start with what I didn't like about this episode to get it out of the way.

To start, I found the actress who played Chloe, the former client of Joan's, noticeably bad at acting. From her scream when she found her dead employee to her begging Joan not to reveal their past relationship to the police, it was all so poorly acted that I actually thought that she was doing it on purpose because Chloe was tied in with all the deaths. So either that was a well done red herring or just bad acting. Not sure which.

I also thought the circumstances by which Joan was able to get Gregson to put out a search on Maddox ridiculously flimsy. I can only hope that Gregson twigged that Joan knew more about Maddox but wasn't saying for whatever reason and trusted her, thus he was willing to pull a guy in for carrying a laptop bag on the streets of New York at night. That's like pulling a guy in for carrying an iphone. Laptop bags are like the ONLY bags professional men carry around in New York. That his MIGHT contain Nunez's missing one is such a stretch. Any law student, never mind a lawyer, would have gotten Maddox released in under a minute. Not that it mattered in the end since he was already cooling in a garbage dumpster.

But onto the things I enjoyed, which was not at all the mystery because again, dull.

I always like it when Alfredo makes a guest appearance. I want him to be a semi-regular along with Miss Hudson (are we ever going to see her again??). He's another character who is so good at not dealing with Sherlock's shit while not being dismissive about how Sherlock operates in the world. This aspect to me is one of the biggest and most delightful aspects of Elementary versus Sherlock. In Sherlock, just about everyone rolls their eyes but tolerates his garbage because he's a genius and that gives him a certain amount of carte blanche, socially speaking. If Sherlock drugging John into a panic in Hounds wasn't grounds for John at the very least punching Sherlock, I seriously don't know what is. In Elementary, many don't let Sherlock get away with things like that. They expect him to be a genius AND socially polite to a certain degree which I enjoy.

Anyway, back to Alfredo. I love his logic to Sherlock as to why he should be a sponsor and nurture his compassion. But also loved his advice that being a sponsor is not about Sherlock. It's about the sponsee. Which leads me to what I thought was an awesome closing scene. I liked Sherlock simply laying out what he can and will offer to Randy and being very blunt about his experience with Alfredo. I also really, really liked Randy's response of "You're sober. You have been for a long time now. Of course I find the terms acceptable." The delivery was so well done. You can hear the quiet determination/desperation of a recovering addict to remain in recovery at all costs and Randy's utter willingness to meet Sherlock where he stands if it means staying on the wagon. This is one area where Sherlock's bluntness and inability to mollycoddle will be appreciated and needed. I like that the two of them are starting from a very firm boundary of being a sponsor and sponsee. Whether or not this develops into some sort of friendship will be a welcomed, secondary gain. But the point is that Sherlock has a very specific role in Randy's life now and all parties are agreeing to it, even if it will unpleasant at times.

I also enjoyed the argument between Sherlock and Joan over Joan firmly maintaining the stance that Chloe's past be kept confidential. I sort of suspected Sherlock might go to Gregson regardless but I was pleased that he actually listened to Joan linking this behavior to what happened to Bell and was willing to work within the restrictions given to him. And also as a related add on, I liked Sherlock telling Alfredo that in the past, he felt his ability to sympathize with his clients usually worked for him, rather than against him. I'm always up for more of Sherlock admitting and being relatively at ease with feeling sympathy for others. It's more classically canon!Holmes which doesn't get highlighted enough in adaptations which rely to much on Sherlock being a genius outsider.
aelfgyfu_mead: Joan Watsonaelfgyfu_mead on December 15th, 2013 01:02 am (UTC)
I thought for a bit that Chloe was involved too! I wasn't so bothered by the actress. If I found a body, I would scream. And I found her convincingly rattled.

I love Alfredo and am interested to see where the show might go with Randy. I hope they're not introducing him to get him into and out of trouble; I'm feeling a bit suspicious that way. I'm also watching them add another apparently recurring male character and wondering, like you, when Ms. Hudson will be back—and why there aren't more recurring women on this show. Brilliant Husband thinks that a woman might take Bell's place temporarily. I'd like that. The cast is too large to have no other women as recurring characters: we've got MEs, Alfredo, now Randy, Mycroft. . . .

We both think Bell will take the job in Demographics and then ask for Sherlock's help. I would be disappointed if that was a way of healing the rift between them. I'd like to see them do more with Bell, so I hope they're not just writing him out but have an interesting storyline coming for him.

I totally agree about this show versus Sherlock—I'm still disappointed they wrote such a weak reaction from John to the drugging at Baskerville. (In my head, that's his immediate relief reaction, and not much later, there's an explosion as the relief fades. And I think we will see what John finds worth punching Sherlock. We already know he finds being hit by Sherlock sufficient provocation. But I digress.)

I love that Alfredo is so much more than an addict. He could have been a one-note character, but instead he's a foil for Sherlock and has great interactions with him. The scene where they sat in the car and talked rang so true: he cut through Sherlock's nonsense and said what Sherlock wanted, which Sherlock himself couldn't say. He was available even though Sherlock had ticked him off earlier in the day (kicking the car hurt!) and woke him up by invading his home and that car.

I was a little surprised that Sherlock argued so much with Joan instead of trying to find a way to connect the suspect. I'm sure Gregson figured Joan had more reason than "he has a laptop bag" for pointing out the suspect: he trusts her. In fact, I wonder if he suspected how she knew Chloe, because he saw the other woman's reaction to Joan himself, and I figured out she was a former client, so I bet Gregson did. (Sherlock may actually have had a disadvantage: I think he's overconfident in feeling that he can recognize a fellow addict.)
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on December 15th, 2013 02:23 am (UTC)
Brilliant Husband thinks that a woman might take Bell's place temporarily. I'd like that.

Me too. The show's done pretty well with diversity so I tend to hold it to a higher standard when it comes to equal casting. I'd like a reoccurring female character.

(kicking the car hurt!)

I admit, I gasped a little when Sherlock kicked the car.

I was a little surprised that Sherlock argued so much with Joan instead of trying to find a way to connect the suspect.

I had a feeling that Sherlock was still feeling off balance about what happened to Bell so he was extra invested in sticking to the idea that his methods work, damn the consequences to convince himself all is fine.

Sherlock may actually have had a disadvantage: I think he's overconfident in feeling that he can recognize a fellow addict.

Oh, yes, I totally forgot to add that as a moment I enjoyed: Sherlock sulking a bit that he missed Chloe's life as a former addict and also that Joan was keeping something from him. It's the small things that I love most about this show!