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15 November 2013 @ 10:34 pm
Film Review: Thor 2: The Dark World  
Hobbit Friend and I saw Thor 2.

This movie for me had the exact opposite problem to Kenneth Branagh's Thor. All the action stuff was really entertaining in Thor 2 but I was less impressed with the character material. Branagh gave us an epic family drama that was peppered with some action scenes. Thor 2 was an action film, peppered with some character stuff. The result was that emotionally it felt a little uneven to me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED parts of this movie. I laughed at how a line was forming to warn Loki that betrayal would mean death, I chortled when we got a Captain America cameo, and I howled at most of the banter between Thor and Loki. But if it hadn't been for the first Thor film giving me some ground work, I don't think I would have felt as much toward the characters themselves if I only had this movie and The Avengers movie.

It was a long shot wish of mine that somehow the filmmakers would do the Journey Into Mystery plot line from the comics. I knew it was near impossible given that Hiddleston has signed on to appear as Loki in six films. But man, I really wish they had because as it stands now I'm significantly less interested in a Loki who just remains power hungry and deceiving his way to the throne. I can't ever decide just how Loki feels about Thor. I guess a part of him feels some level of affection for Thor that often gets rapidly diminished by the hate and anger he feels toward life in general. This film did little to expand on their relationship for me, at least from Loki's side. From Thor's side it's kind of clear but it's always been clear to me where Thor stands with regard to his brother. Because Thor is simple and straightforward like that.

Hobbit Friend was totally with Thor in being completely fooled by Loki's "death." She practically shrieked when he got stabbed. I wasn't exactly spoiled for the twist but I sort of deduced it had to be fake since again, SIX FILMS. So I couldn't really take anything Loki was saying to heart, even though at face value it was rather tragic. But it was all a trick so...yeah.

While I wasn't a fan of Frigga having to die in order to move a plot forward, I did enjoy the film fleshing out a little the relationship between her and Loki. You saw glimpses of the more genuine warmth between them in the first film and it was notable to me that while Loki addresses Odin by his name, he still calls Frigga "mother" which feels huge. It also pained me a little to realize that Frigga was the one who taught Loki how to do his spells. It's because of her having been in Loki's life that the psychologist in me has the vain hope that somehow Loki will eventually grow to be less constantly furious at the entire damn world. I guess I'm like Thor, then.

So onto the questions I had while watching this movie. These are logic questions and I know I have no business asking such things but I kind of have to because that's what I do:

1. So clearly Asgardians have access to laser weaponry. You see them using tons of lasers to try and take down the Dark Elves ships. So why do they insist on only using swords and shields when doing hand to hand combat with said elves who have hand lasers? Why not USE YOUR LASERS? You don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

2. The Aether. So....how did they get it in that box at the end? Whose job was it to go to the Dark World and retrieve that? Didn't most of it already infect some of the Nine Realms?

3. If Erik has gone slightly bonkers thanks to Loki messing with his brain in The Avengers, is Clint okay?

4. Are Asgardian architects gifted with super speed? They managed to fix the throne room that Thor demolished during his escape in about an hour. Seriously, like an hour. Two, tops.

5. What IS that path Loki used to get them to the Dark World? Is that what he used before to get to Jotenheim in the first movie? What is it? A constantly open portal? I want to know!
X-parrot: kid lokixparrot on November 17th, 2013 12:03 am (UTC)
Heh - I had the same question about the throne! (actually I was wondering if it was meant to be a hint, that it was just Loki's illusion that it was fixed; wasn't sure if it was fixed when Loki confronts Odin...?) And I was wondering about Clint as well.

Your first question though, really now, anime will tell you that when you're super-powered, swords are always superior to guns/lasers! XP

I was happy with the movie but yeah, like I said, low expectations; plus it fulfilled a lot of my fic headcanon...(though now I have new headcanons, the main one being that given that Loki learned his magic and illusions from his mother, and then Frigga gets stabbed and seems to die, and then Loki gets stabbed and seems to die...how's to say the former was any more real than the latter? Which isn't where the movie canon is actually going to go, but then it's probably never going to contradict it either, so...! XD)
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on November 17th, 2013 08:02 pm (UTC)
Your first question though, really now, anime will tell you that when you're super-powered, swords are always superior to guns/lasers! XP

I think it actually would have made more sense to me if Asgardians just didn't have laser technology. Seeing them use those huge ones to try and take down the Dark Elves' ships was aesthetically a little jarring because it all seemed so out of place.

actually I was wondering if it was meant to be a hint, that it was just Loki's illusion that it was fixed; wasn't sure if it was fixed when Loki confronts Odin...?

I think when Loki disguised as Random Foot Soldier came to Odin in the throne room, things were still dilapidated looking so it totally could have been a hint for later. And actually, now that I think about it, Jane did say Thor had been gone for 2 days when we got the scene between Thor and not!Odin so I guess Asgardian architects had about 48 hours to clean all that stuff up.

So, that means Loki's been impersonating Odin for two days? Where IS Odin??
X-parrotxparrot on November 19th, 2013 10:06 am (UTC)
I was thinking the lasers are actually magic - or maybe it's that sufficiently advanced science thing? I thought that in the first Thor movie Loki could shoot laser-like energy from Gungnir (maybe I'm imagining that...but the Destroyer had a magic beam weapon, anyway?) But then, yeah, anime has desensitized me to the irony of swords vs lasers XD

Where Odin is now is the $64K question! I've been assuming that he's stashed in the deepest dungeon and Loki is popping down to gloat at him. Some fans seem to feel like he's confirmed dead though that doesn't seem a very Loki-like way of handling the problem. However it happened I'm curious how Loki is hiding it from Heimdall (or maybe Odin locked Heimdall up for his treason and Loki is just neglecting to release him...)
tommycruisestommy50702 on April 29th, 2015 07:19 am (UTC)
Thor 2 is slightly less clunky and a bit more fun then its predecessor.