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25 October 2013 @ 08:55 pm
RL vs. FL  
Even though I somehow feel less busy, I realize my free time is significantly less this year than any other year now that I have a full patient load, a clinical fellowship, and am doing dissertation work. And now I've taken on a testing case so those precious few hours I had are now gone, gone, gone.

So it was a really bad time for me to be bitten by a plot bunny. A Night Vale plot bunny at that which means it has three eyes and four ears...and maybe glows in the dark.

The plot bunny came in the form of a first sentence which is, "The week Carlos goes to California for a research conference, Night Vale disappears from the face of reality."

I had ideas of Carlos, after being in Night Vale for a year is getting a little tired of how nothing in the damn town follows the laws of physics or general rules of science. Sure, it's interesting and fun at times but it wears on a person who hasn't lived there his entire life. Plus, he hasn't published a damn paper in over a year because how is he going to explain floating cats? He probably has a mild argument with Cecil about how stir crazy he's getting so he ends up going to the conference alone. And soon after Night Vale just vanishes. No records, no memories from anyone it ever existed, other than Carlos. It's like the whole of reality adjusted itself to neatly snip Night Vale out.

Because angst and characters having to suffer are the shiniest tools in my wheelhouse, Carlos would be slightly frantic and trying to find some sort of solid evidence that he hadn't hallucinated the entire last year and Cecil. I have a vague idea of why Night Vale vanished and how it'll...un-vanish. But I need more time in my RL. If Wednesdays get cancelled, can Fridays be accidentally get scheduled in twice?
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on October 28th, 2013 12:16 am (UTC)
I am so very curious how Carlos and his team ever got a grant to study "the most scientifically interesting town in America"

I really want to know what sort of scientist Carlos is. For the purposes of this plot bunny, I decided to make him a paleoseismology specifically but that this team includes scientists from various fields that are related to what he's studying.

So what do people think Carlos has been studying in this normal town? (or do they just think he's a crackpot?)

Carlos finds out that he's supposedly been sending reports and articles for the entire year he's been researching and they've all been well-received. Just normal, boring reports about predictability of earthquakes. Of course Carlos has ZERO memory of any of this.