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15 October 2013 @ 11:17 pm
Fame, I'm Gonna Live Forever  
In the past two days, I've heard two separate actors write or talk about their relationship to fame which I thought were rather good. Granted, one of those actors is Benedict Cumberbatch who right now could hire his own personal security and it would be considered a good investment. The other is Cecil Baldwin whose fame is on the rise but he's hardly in the same sphere at the moment. Still, both actors are the subject to a particular brand of intense fandom love. And really, no matter how famous or less famous you are, that sort of laser-like adoration is a very special, unique experience.

Benedict Cumberbatch was on reddit and answered a question about his fame which you can read in full HERE. I thought it was quite well written. I particularly enjoyed his acknowledgement that there's always a benefit and a cost and his conflict over it is also very much a first world problem.

Cecil Baldwin appeared on a podcast to talk about Night Vale and answered a question about whether or not it's starting to get overwhelming that fans are screaming for him at live shows now. You can hear the interview in full HERE. But in case you'd rather not hear the entire thing, below the cut is the relevant quote that I liked.

He initially said something about how it's impossible NOT to be overwhelmed by such attention and any actor who says otherwise has sold a piece of their soul. Which...hee! And then he followed up with this:

"But here’s the thing. At the end of the day, I’m being overwhelmed by love. And isn’t that good? (—) There’s so many things I could be overwhelmed by. I could be overwhelmed by lawyers, or credit card bills. I’ve had some ups and downs in my life, this is the time when I get to experience what it’s like to have people that are so happy just to meet me, that they start throwing up onto the floor, or are shaking. It’s really nice to meet all of these people, and I really do try my very best to talk to everybody that made the effort to come and see me. (—) And it has nothing to do with numbers of demographics or anything like that, it has more to do with (accepting) people, and inspiring  them on a personal level. And that to me is the most exciting thing about this whole project, about this whole experience is that I get to kind of, I don’t know, it’s really crazy and it’s like a fun rollercoaster, but I kind of feel like everyone else is on this ride with me or next to me, and we’re kind of making it happen together. It’s really exciting."

I appreciate that both he and the writers of Night Vale interact so readily with their fans via Facebook and Twitter. Kind of in the same vein as Bryan Fuller for Hannibal. I just really, really hope it doesn't all go pear-shaped. As an aside, he's not kidding about the throwing up thing. That nearly did happen.