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11 October 2013 @ 02:37 pm
Words from 1/2 of the Night Vale Team  
Jeffrey Cranor's website is on Tumblr (though not Joseph Fink so that Fink guy on Tumblr is an imposter) and he recently posted that the two Welcome to Night Vale live shows they've done on the West Coast ("Condos") and recently in NYC ("Mayoral Debate") will eventually become podcasts. So, for those willing to wait, eventually these will be turned into podcasts and you don't need to go hunting down fan-made video recordings that are popping up on youTube.


It will be awhile before these are made into podcasts so if you can't wait, run, RUN to youTube. I will add that there is some extra hilarity to be had at actually watching the actors as they do the voices.

Eventually, I really would love to see a live show. I was way too slow in even contemplating this as the live shows in NYC were sold out in a matter of seconds. I tend to worry about being in massive crowds that are all obsessing over one thing (myself included) but fans of WTNV seem very sane and respectful despite the absolutely insane, beautiful cosplays that are coming out.