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10 October 2013 @ 12:12 am
Hello Obsession, Pull Up a Chair  
So, yeah, I gave in to the pull of Welcome to Night Vale. And now I love this podcast. I have accepted that pens are outlawed. I will not enter the dog park. Wheat and wheat byproducts are evil. All hail the mighty glow cloud. ALL HAIL.

With my new found obsession, I scoured the Internet and read or listened to just about every interview with the creators of the podcast (Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor) and/or the voice of Night Vale, actor Cecil Baldwin. And there were some interesting facts to be learned about how this weird, wacky world came to be. But what I mainly took away from these interviews is that all three men are incredibly charming and wave their geek flags proudly.

1. While both the actor and character are called Cecil, the character's last name is not Baldwin. I'm super curious now what it is. Also, is this common knowledge amongst the fans? I see so many fanfic and fanart that have Cecil Baldwin as the full name of the character.

2. Actor Cecil Baldwin has adopted a method a fan of his uses to distinguish himself from the character by calling the character "Cecil" and himself "Realcil."

3. Both Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor who write the scripts say that neither of them have a clear idea of what Cecil the character looks like. Well played, sirs.

4. The podcasts are all recorded in Cecil Baldwin's apartment by the actor himself and then sent to Fink to edit and upload. No directions are ever given to Cecil. He just gets the scripts so all interpretations are his and his alone. That's super impressive.

5. Jeffrey Cranor is the voice of Carlos the Scientist. I'm literally the last Night Vale fan to find this out. And I didn't even find out by reading about it. I listened to an audio interview with Cranor and thought he sounded really familiar.

6. If you have done fanart for this podcast and put it up somewhere on Tumblr, actor Cecil has probably seen it. And has loved it. He loves all the fanwork out there for this show. And well he should. Some of the fanart is incredible. Have people seen the minimalist photoshoot inspired by this podcast? It's GORGEOUS.

7. Jeffrey Cranor speculates that the podcast's recent spike in popularity is related to Hannibal and its fans somehow crossing over. He doesn't have any science to back this up but put me down as an N of 1 that supports this theory.

8. It's a mystery still to even actor Cecil Baldwin why character Cecil loathes Steve Carlsberg so much.
X-parrotxparrot on October 10th, 2013 10:17 am (UTC)
Wow, Realcil (I love that) does all the interpretations himself? Of all the chars? I agree, way impressive - it means he's as much a collaborator as JF & JC, that he shapes every voice of the town.

And Jeffry Cranor is Carlos? Ah-hah! (You're the second-to-last fan to find out!) I was guessing it was one of them since Carlos was uncredited (though it bothered me at the time - Carlos was about the first "proof" we got that Night Vale existed outside of Cecil's head, and then he was uncredited - maybe he wasn't real at all! Maybe we just hallucinated him! Maybe I shouldn't have been listening to Night Vale at 2 AM! ^^;;;)
formerly lifeinsomniacjoonscribble on October 10th, 2013 02:04 pm (UTC)
Yup apart from the characters voiced by other actors, Realcil does all the rest as he sees them in his head. Sometimes I really can't believe how populated Night Vale is and yet it's basically a one man show.

Just before Cecil played Carlos' voicemails I half expected the voice to either be Cecil's own or some strange humming, growling thing. I was more shocked it was another person.