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19 September 2013 @ 10:06 pm
TV Show: Sleepy Hollow  
The premise for this show is so ridiculous it just might work.

I recognize the stars of this from one or two other things. Tom Mison was Dorian Crane (huh, another Crane) in the "Allegory of Love" episode of Lewis. And Nicole Beharie was Marianne in Shame.

The pilot was...mixed. We get a lot of standard Fish Out of Water jokes and some stuff about Big Bad Things Heading Our Way. Buzzfeed describes the show as a mix of Supernatural, X-Files, and Elementary. That's about accurate with maybe 45% less good writing.

However, I do have to appreciate a show where we get another WOC as the star and whose entire character isn't somehow built up around her race (at least judging by the pilot). I suppose it's perhaps too much to hope that the show will take a page from Elementary and leave the relationship between Mills and Crane 100% platonic.