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04 September 2013 @ 08:21 pm
Whitechapel, Series 4  
I have to say, ever since Whitechapel decided to move away from the "One Crime For the Whole Season" format and go into "One Off Cases For the Whole Season" format, the show's very much improved.

It's also gotten a hell of a lot creepier.

The show started out with a Jack the Ripper copycat story which actually managed to sustain itself quite well in their first series. Then the Kray Twins story in series two dragged and dragged. Series three marked the switch to one off cases told in two parts. It also featured a drastic increase in darker flourishes and much more extremely graphic and gruesome murders. It's like the writers for this show had a brainstorming session with the writers of Hannibal and they pooled together the most disturbing ways a person could die and then split the ideas.

Series 4 is still doing the one off cases format and the first case seems to involve the idea of witchcraft. I give props to the director and writers for creating a very claustrophobic, off kilter environment that makes it really seem like the Whitechapel gang are all under some sort of curse. Not sure just yet why we need the random MI6 element. But I guess part two will tell me soon enough.