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28 August 2013 @ 10:33 pm
You'd Think the Clown Would Be the Scariest Thing  
In my waiting for the new series of Sherlock and Whitechapel (starting next week!), I ended up revisiting The League of Gentlemen series which eventually led me to revisiting Psychoville, which was written by one half of the LOG (Steve Pemberton & Reece Shearsmith).

I can't say that Psychoville didn't have its narrative issues. Particularly once the plot got so tangled it was like watching chewed gum playing Twister. But the second series managed to give me a truly scary character. And considering the show featured a demonic looking clown, that's saying something.

Warning: Clown imagery ahead. Plus other things.

You would think that Mr. Jelly (played by Reece Shearsmith) would be the most frightening character on this show. He's a clown with a bad attitude and a hook for a right hand. I mean look at him:


He's made of nightmares and panic attacks.

But then series 2 came around and we got Silent Singer.

Jeremy Goode (also Reece Shearsmith) is an obsessive librarian. He gets incredibly antsy when books aren't returned on time. As you can see here:

It's almost kind of sweet and a little sad. He's so fussy about books! Poor guy. Unfortunately, this isn't just a case of fussiness. Jeremy is sort of going crazy. Because when things aren't the way they should be, he sees this:

I mean, what the hell?? Mr. Jelly looks scary because he's a clown. Clowns are frightening. But what the hell was Silent Singer? Where the hell did Shearsmith and Pemberton dream up that character design? The more I saw Mr. Jelly, I found him less and less scary and actually kind of endearing in how beaten down he was by life. But Silent Singer only managed to get scarier with each appearance. Also, the story of Jeremy and Silent Singer does not end happily. Not that I ever thought for a second it would.