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08 August 2013 @ 09:45 pm
"He's so dense light bends around him."  
Right, so I finished watching all of The Thick of It as well as In the Loop, the film that had a bunch of actors and characters from the show.

It's hard to like a show where everyone is awful either because they have no morals and/or are completely incompetent. And yet I can totally see why this show was a hit because it's like watching a very, very long accident. It's horrifying but you have to keep going just to see what else gets pulled from the awful wreckage. By this I don't mean the show is poorly written. In fact it's brilliantly written as well as ad-libbed. It's just you have to be able to tolerate a lot of terrible people.

I can also see why Malcolm Tucker has become an iconic role for Peter Capaldi. Tucker provides the best thing about the show and film which is the very creative swearing and insults. Sure, sometimes it just dissolves into how many times he can fit in the word "fuck" into one long rant. But every once in awhile you get some really good insults such as the one I put as my subject header. In fact, one insult was so good that the made-up word ("omnishambles") got into the OED.

Most of Tucker's most memorable lines have been turned into GIFs thanks to his new appointment as the Doctor. But I'd like to direct everyone's attention to this gem. You can watch the whole video but my absolute favorite exchange starts at 8:54. To me this is an example of spot on insults that don't rely on bad language and that's delivered with perfect rapid fire speed. It's pretty tame in comparison to Tucker's other moments but I like how random the insults are and yet still so fitting of the people he's targeting. This one was my favorite from the film. A close runner up was his reaction to the Minister's sound bite of how one must "climb the mountain of conflict." "You sound like a fucking Nazi Julie Andrews."