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07 August 2013 @ 05:14 pm
TV Review: Count Arthur Strong  
This new comedy airing on BBC Two is the adaptation of Steve Delaney's radio program about an elderly, out of work actor (Delaney) who seems to be under the delusion that he's still in the business. When the show begins, he's visited by his former comedy partner's son, Michael Barker (Rory Kinnear) who is writing a book about his late father. The show sort of goes on from there as Michael gets pulled into Arthur's bizarre antics.

I find this show difficult to watch sometimes, despite Graham Linehan (he of Father Ted and The IT Crowd) being one of the writers. It's largely due to Arthur Strong, whom I find less charming in a bonkers-way and more supremely irritating at every turn. He feels like a less funny version of Mitchell and Webb's Sir Digby Chicken Caesar while being twice as depressing to watch.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that along with being a great dramatic actor, Rory Kinnear is a good comedic actor. He largely plays the straight man to Delaney but manages to perfect that whole, "WTF?!" look every time. So far 5 out of 6 episodes have aired. You can catch most of them on youTube with little difficulty.

HERE is a clip from the latest episode. You can see what I mean about Kinnear's face. It almost makes me sad that he isn't the new Doctor as I feel it might have been pretty amazing. Maybe another time...