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25 July 2013 @ 10:43 pm
What the Ever Living HELL, Toby Whithouse?!  
Okay, I JUST found out there was an exclusive scene in the DVD for the 5th and last series of Being Human that sort of....yeah. For anyone who watched the finale and remembered what happened, you might want to watch THIS.

I don't know. A part of me feels like this is deeply unfair since there won't be any more of the series. NOT FAIR, WHITHOUSE, DAMN YOU!

As a side note, props to Damian Molony for staying so well in character as Hal. I loved how he casually wiped his phone after Tom used it.
aelfgyfu_mead: Being Human Alex Hal Tomaelfgyfu_mead on September 19th, 2013 11:07 pm (UTC)
THANK YOU! I finally got to "The Last Broadcast" (we see what you did there, Whithouse!), and I couldn't handle the ending on the episode itself—that last shot of the origami made it pretty clear that this wasn't the real world (which I had begun to wonder anyway—it was too much what had tempted them before).

The scene you linked is the right ending: they figure it out, and they're going to save the world. Those people wouldn't be moving against them if the Devil weren't worried. And I guess there's not much to see after that because, well, it will be the end of the three of them in this world. They're done Being Human.

We know there's an afterlife, though, even if we've only seen a very purgatorial sort of place there. I want to believe that the three of them end up in a good place. I saw your comment on "No Care, All Responsibility," and I disagree somewhat: I think Hal is a victim of a nature he couldn't control. But like you, I think he needed to be staked. It didn't matter whether he was fully responsible or not; he couldn't help himself, and there was no other way to stop him but to end him. Going out as good Hal, saving the world with his best friends, is a far better ending than a simple staking. I'm just sorry that Tom won't have a chance to get together with Allison, but maybe in the next world.

And Hal's not letting Alex out of his sight there.