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10 July 2013 @ 09:47 pm
Unearthening an Old Story  
I recently noticed a Dresden Files fic that I never finished. This was way, way back in the day when I primarily only wrote in this fandom and I'd posted a few chapters before getting stuck and it was never completed. Oddly, after watching the latest episode of Teen Wolf I began to entertain the idea of trying to wrap this story up at least in outline form.

I would call myself a pretty casual viewer of Teen Wolf. I'll admit that there are times when the show really nails certain dynamics and actually tells pretty good stories with each episode significantly adding to the overall season plot arc. But very often with this show I can't stay with half the characters because they are all teenagers who worry and angst about very teenager things. I mean, amidst death and chaos and werewolves, the biggest source of angst for the main characters are things like how they can't date the girl they want or be good at lacrosse. However, the latest episode had many of the main characters tackle some pretty adult issues and were nearly driven to suicide. Granted, the suicidal tendencies came from a supernatural source but the trigger for those tendencies were very real which made for more interesting viewing.

The main character, Scott, is the teen wolf in question. He was a social loser at school with literally only one friend (Stiles) before he got bitten and moved up the social ladder thanks to his new found abilities that he uses to his advantage. It feels like at this point in the show that everyone surrounding Scott is either a werewolf or has some super-ability of some sort. The only one who is still a normal human is Stiles, who continues to be Scott's best friend. In watching this show I wondered if at any point their friendship would break given that their worlds are going in such separate directions as Scott gets more drawn to the werewolf world and Stiles remains so firmly human. The show in general often leaves the Scott/Stiles friendship as a background aspect so I tend not to focus on this question too much. But the latest episode really drove home the idea of what it is that keeps Scott and Stiles best friends despite all the changes going on. It was heart-warming as it was sad and it reminded me of my Dresden Files fic.

My story was about an teenager named Neil who hires Harry because he's concerned that his best friend, Aaron, is at the heart of odd, supernaturalish occurrences. Aaron comes from a terrible home life where his dad left before he was born and his mother is now an abusive alcoholic. He has almost no friends at school where he is largely on scholarship. His only friend is Neil and despite the differences in home life (Neil's parents are perfectly normal, nice, and provide for their kids), the two are close. Harry speculates that Aaron is somehow a wizard but doesn't know it and is growing into his powers extremely late. But as it is in the world of Harry Dresden, nothing is as simple as that. I had an outline for this story that mainly featured Bob getting to be a teacher again and try to help Aaron harness his powers, Aaron and Neil navigating new territory as Aaron grew more powerful and Neil remained firmly human and at a loss to who to help his friend, and also Harry eventually finding out what's actually going on. I remember having so much fun coming up with spells for this fic. This fic featured TONS of spells. The problem was the ending.

I knew where I wanted Neil, Harry and Bob to all be at the conclusion of the story but I wasn't so sure about Aaron. I didn't know given what he would do during the story if he was to get a happy ending of sorts or a very tragic one. The way the story's main reveal was set up, Aaron really got saddled with A LOT. And my impulse was to try and give him some sort of happy ending but it felt unlikely and illogical. But writing the story with Aaron's fate being tragic depressed me and kind of turned me off of going forward. However, after this latest episode of Teen Wolf, I had this moment when I was looking over my outline when I thought, "Wait. If I just alter this one thing maybe...maybe it CAN make sense that Aaron's life doesn't have to be completely awful forever?"

So thanks, Teen Wolf. You may have helped me rescue a story that I had more or less decided would never be done. At least, done in my head.
Dusty: Dresden Files. Harry + Booksdustlines on July 11th, 2013 05:39 am (UTC)
I remember that fic!! You and I talked about it a lot when you started writing it. I was sad when it tapered off, but I figured you just had other things on your mind at the time. It's awesome to see a resurgence of plot bunnies for it! Is there anything I can do to help aid you in your writing for this? :)

Edited at 2013-07-11 05:39 am (UTC)
formerly lifeinsomniac: DresdenGuardianjoonscribble on July 11th, 2013 05:48 am (UTC)
Yes! I have very fond memories of going over this fic with you!

I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to be able to write this fic just yet in full prose form. I'm going to re-outline with the plot change idea and see if it works at all. Fingers crossed!