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24 June 2013 @ 02:25 am
Hannibal: Season 2 Wishlist  
Now that Hannibal has been secured for another 13 episode run, I thought I might as well put out my wishlist for what would be great for season 2. Oh, and I also ramble on a bit about season 1.

1. Flashback and/or backstory - I've always been of two minds when it came to Hannibal Lecter's backstory. In Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs he was incredibly disturbing because the reasons for his psychopathy was unknown. He himself just equated his murderous existence as a natural phenomenon. There was no chain of events that led to him being who he is. Well, thanks to Thomas Harris and a series of bad deals, we got Hannibal Rising which gave us a pretty mundane explanation for Hannibal's penchant for murder and specific dietary preferences. However, the show has been doing really well with their character development so far and I would be very curious what sort of backstory they'll give Hannibal. Judging by Bryan Fuller's tweets, the Mischa plotline is probably canon for the show. But in what way we still don't know. Also, Fuller's dream actor for Hannibal's uncle who adopted him is David Bowie. For that casting alone I want the backstory.

2. Will Graham Gives Zero Fucks - I'd like to see Will, now that he's cured of his actual disease, to be clear-headed and ready to take down some medical professionals who have done him wrong (*cough* Hannibal). I appreciated the very bizarre bromance between these two and in some ways I'd still like to see it continue but with the tables a bit turned on Hannibal as Will goes about figuring how he's going to get released from prison. I really enjoyed how this show highlighted Will's dependency and trust in Hannibal, much to his own detriment. But the genius of the episodes is that once you reach the end of season 1, you become aware of just how dependent on Will Hannibal has also become. Ultimately, what will allow Will to defeat Hannibal is that Will, after learning about Hannibal's true nature can let him go. He can lock up the man and walk away. It'll be Jack Crawford who ultimately pulls him back in if they go the Red Dragon route. Hannibal's weakness is that he's so fascinated by Will and fascinated by his own fascination that even after defeating him, he can't let him go. In this way, Hannibal is actually the one at the disadvantage ultimately because he is actually trapped in Will's vortex whereas Will can still fight his way out of Hannibal's.

3. Selective Fullerverse References - I may be in the minority when I say I got a little annoyed that there were just so many inside jokes about the Fullerverse. Nothing threw me out of the story of Hannibal faster than allusions that certain characters were from previous Fuller shows like Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls. Particularly given the quirky nature of those shows that are a far cry from the creepy ambiance of Hannibal. So please, if Fuller intends of getting Kristin Chenowith as a guest star, do NOT slide in a line about how she used to work at a pie shop. Just don't.

4. Against the Type Cast - I started out raising an eyebrow at the casting of Scott Thompson and later Molly Shannon and Eddie Izzard who are largely comedians for serious roles. But dammit, it worked out SO WELL. If anything, their comedy backgrounds allowed them to break up the huge swatches of gloom and doom perfectly. Doing more of these for season 2 would be most welcomed. I definitely want Crazy!David Tennant. We were promised this. You better deliver, Fuller. And despite me JUST saying I'd like the Fullerverse to take a backseat, I wouldn't mind seeing Lee Pace play Francis Dolarhyde. Something tells me he'd be magnificent. Also, did everyone else on the planet know he played Thranduil in The Hobbit?? Am I the only one who JUST found out?

5. The Female Characters - So yeah, I didn't end up liking Alana Bloom much but every other female character on this show was well done. I think my reason for not liking Alana is that she veered closely to becoming a Mary Sue. There was literally nothing wrong with her according to the show. She's beautiful, intelligent, elegant, warm, and sophisticated. Both Will and Hannibal (we'll just ignore for a second he was going to get her killed) like her. Normally this probably wouldn't bother me as much but she stuck out as a thin character when compared to the much more nuanced women like Freddie Lounds, Beverly Katz, Abigail Hobbs, Bedelia Du Maurier, and Bella Crawford. Freddie Lounds could have easily just been the horrible bitch we all hate. And while she remained awful in many ways, we got enough of her that we could see she wasn't 100% horrid. Maybe about 90%. Bedelia was also someone who could have easily slid into Mary Sue land. When we first met her, she seemed like the only person who would tolerate literally zero of Hannibal's bullshit and could match him in fanciness. However, the last few episodes seemed to suggest that she knows about his pattern and is allowing it to continue either because 1) she's afraid of him or 2) she's not sure of just how awful the whole thing is. Either way, it shows a crack in her character which makes her interesting. What set all these women apart from Alana was that there were things about them that I found genuinely irritating but also very likable. You know. Like a REAL PERSON. I'd like to see this continue with them and hopefully we'll eventually get more going for Alana Bloom.

6. Keep the References to the Books/Movies Coming - For most shows, doing constant referencing of the thing they're trying to re-imagine would be an unfortunate crutch. But Hannibal excelled at weaving in lines from the books and films as well as characters or re-imagined versions of the characters from the books and films. It all culminated to the last scene that mirrored the very famous one from Silence of the Lambs along with a very specific soundtrack which gave me chills. So more of this, please!

7. I Watch This Show For the Therapy - Chances of seeing more scenes of Will in therapy with Hannibal are probably slim. But I'll take therapy sessions between Hannibal and Bedelia. This show does a really wonderful job of writing therapy sessions that sound plausible but maintain a dramatic flair so that it doesn't get dull (If a TV show really showed you a genuine therapy session week after week, it would get boring pretty damn fast let me tell you). Make my future career continue to look sexy and creepy, show!
quickyfant: Hannibalquickyfant on June 25th, 2013 05:17 am (UTC)
Oh god its Monday and I am so drunk, I know this is not making anyone think I am not an alcoholic...yeah not convincing myself.

Is it season two already? Please!

For number six I want Mason Verger, because I just want Hannibal convincing him to feed his dogs his own face. And really what does it say about you when Hannibal wont eat you but make you get eaten by your dogs?
I know going to hell, but this is only topped by wanting to see Hannibal convince Bedelias (his own referred patient) to swallow his own tongue, even if its impossible, but I am buying the murder wizard making Will swallow a tongue, I can buy him convincing someone that is currently attacking his therapist to swallow his own tongue.

I want Hannibal and Bedelia therapy dinners forever! I just want to know more of her. Does she know? What does she know? Ahhhh, I dont know what I will miss more when Hannibal is in prison, him in three piece suits or his therapy with Bedelia if she didnt eat her until then.

And because apparently I want more pain, I want more of Bella Crawford. Hannibal being a good psychiatrist, so that Jack really doesnt think of him as a suspect. And I want Jack to really suffer when he finds out...*going to hell*

But honestly I want more scenes like the one after Jack visited Bedelia. The way Mads Mikkelsen can move and then be still and you are yelling at the screen for Bedelia to get out of there fast, is too good!

I have a wish list some meters long, but my most fervent one is: please I want season two now! ;)
formerly lifeinsomniac: HannibalWilljoonscribble on June 28th, 2013 04:39 pm (UTC)
I do hear that Bryan Fuller intends on having Mason Verger make an appearance in season 2. Let's hope he stays with that idea. Actually, if it's true that David Tennant will appear in season 2, he'd probably make a good Verger.