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18 May 2013 @ 07:58 pm
Star Trek, Into Darkness: Top 5 Moments  
I'm still giddy with this movie even as I hear I mixed reviews pouring in. I totally get how fans of the old series and movies might be annoyed with this. It is like fan fiction to a certain extent. But come on. It's really, REALLY well done fan fiction.

Anyway, my person top 5 moments.

1. Death of Christopher Pike - Okay, I'm not glad he's dead but I really loved the scene with Kirk and Spock immediately afterward. Pike was the closest thing Kirk had to a father in this universe so seeing him freely cry at his death was heart wrenching.That Spock sort of sat there and let him draw some comfort from his presence was touching and so befitting of what Spock's capable of as an emotionally awkward character that this point in the film.

2. The Reveal of Khan - Maybe it was obvious but I still loved hearing the slightly melodramatic reveal of it. I've been reading across the Internet about fans disapproval that Khan's Indian background was dumped in favor of hiring Benedict Cumberbatch, a clearly White actor. I'd like to point out that the original actor for Khan was Ricardo Montalban who was most definitely NOT Indian either. To be frank, this character was never played by an Asian actor nor was his conception ever accurate with regard to Indian heritage. It was actually borderline insulting. As such, I was almost glad that they just stopped with that dead in the water character history.

3. Stop With the Metaphors, Bones - I always love it when films and TV shows call themselves out on their own ridiculousness. The poker game metaphor was wonderfully long and over the top and so deserving of a verbal slap.

4. Radiation Glass Door Sequence Redux - I started out being annoyed with the swap but got swept up in the whole emotion of it all. I find it interesting that many think of Quinto's Spock as colder than Nimoy's Spock (back in the original series and films, I mean). I personally find Quinto's portrayal to be significantly more emotional. Sure, he's a little more uptight but man, when he gets angry or sad, he REALLY gets angry or sad.

5. The Khan/Spock Chase/Fight Sequence - Despite all the intended comedy in this movie, I laughed the hardest during this entire sequence. The sight of Khan smashing through glass doors to save himself the time of opening them when running away had me laughing harder than was probably warranted. KHAN NEEDS NO DOORS! That and Cumberbatch's face when he got the Vulcan nerve grip was priceless. Your former teacher of the Making Appropriate Faces course at LAMDA no doubt approves, Mr. Cumberbatch. The expression hilariously conveyed the feeling of "OMFG THAT HURTS!!!!"
saphicwicca: Bones-KUsaphicwicca on May 19th, 2013 12:26 am (UTC)
I agree with these moments (and probably couldn't narrow down just 5). I am an old-school Trek girl, but have immensely enjoyed this "reboot" because while for many ways it's gone in different directions and the characters are different in some ways they are a bit the same, despite dissimilar backgrounds (even if in some cases slightly so).

In the case of #4, I've always felt that Nimoy's Spock was over-compensating for his Human half. He tries to be much more logical and Vucan than even Voyager's Tuvok (not that Tuvok is any *less* so) but it always seems to me that Spock is trying that much harder to make up for what he sees as a deficiency. Quinto's Spock, however doesn't have that same feeling, most likely do to coming from a slightly altered background. He seems a bit more more willing to "feel" things (though he's rather deal with them logically and rationally) whereas Nimoy's Spock often seemed to separate the feelings as if they didn't actually exist.
katarzi on May 20th, 2013 09:13 pm (UTC)
I have mixed opinions but mostly I think I too am glad they didn't actually go the Khan-is-Middle-Eastern route if only because wow so sick of Brown Guys Attacking Things With Bombs. Whitewashing sucks, but yet another brown terrorist? Ergk, gag me with a spoon.

I took my mum to see it with me, because she's a pretty good litmus test of whether or not it's shitting on the old series, and she's pretty pleased, although she is worried that a third movie would start to get worse about that. I was happy with it - I think this Spock, in a way, is less likely to play the hero, especially after the fight him and Nyota had about it at the beginning of the film. I love Nyota, I do, but man I want Scotty/Uhura to be a thing lol. I don't think her and Spock are terribly suited to each other, but I'm also a bit of a diehard Kirk/Spock girl lol. (If it's not obvious that I like me some Classic Slash Pairings haha....)