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10 March 2013 @ 09:32 pm
Being Human: The Last Broadcast  
And so it ended.

I'm somewhat pleased that I totally called the ending in a post several weeks back. By destroying the Devil, Hal and Tom lost their curses. But does this mean every vampire and werewolf out there are now human again?

I will admit that I actually couldn't really follow the logic of the ritual they used to get rid of the Devil. Does the ritual just weaken and drive him out of his human host? But he obviously can easily return? I didn't really get it actually. But by that point I didn't care.

Loved, LOVED that the show actually had the Devil try and tempt each one of them. I nearly wept with glee when Hal, Tom, and Alex all said their respective speeches to the Devil about why they were turning him down. Particularly when familiar Being Human theme kicked in. I did not care one bit that it was cheesy. It was perfect.

I was also pleased that despite the time crunch, we actually got to see Hal's situation before he got turned into a vampire. And we got a reunion of sorts with Leo and Allison (even if they weren't really them).

My hats off to Phil Davis for doing a marvelous job as the Devil. He really embraced the cheesy-ness of the role while still paying respect to the actual job. Bravo all around. And I also applaud Damian Molony who got to play Hal, Lord Hal, and Both In One Hal all in one episode and actually made each one distinct. Seriously. When he became human!Hal who was now a mix of both Hal and Lord Hal, you can really see it. He's not nearly as tightly wound up as Hal was, nor is he as languidly evil as Lord Hal. He's somewhere in the middle wherein he's more relaxed but still with a bit of old school propriety. It was brilliant.

So the ending for me left a door open that the Devil is not really dead. It was driven home on a few occasions that what makes human beings awful was not him whatsoever. Even with him locked up, humans continued on with their evil ways so clearly the Devil's demise means nothing in the context of whether or not humans will continue to wrestle with good and evil. I liked that the shot lingered on the origami of the wolf that the Devil made in Tom's dream as a kind of "BUT HE'S STILL WITH YOU ALWAYS!" moment. It sort of made me not completely lose it in terms of tears after we got that scanning shot of Mitchell's gloves, George's Star of David, Annie's mug, Eve's bib, the sonogram, Hal's domino, the order pad where Alex wrote her phone number, and Tom's stake. Because that shot alone made me weep buckets.

All in all, I found the ending very satisfying. I'm sad that we won't get to see whatever trials and tribulations await the now very human Hal, Tom, and Alex. Will Hal continue to struggle with a guilty conscious? Will Tom adjust to life without his wolf? Will Alex stay in Wales? So many questions! But in a way, I always want to picture them sitting on the sofa, watching Antiques Roadshow. So bravo to the writers of Being Human for giving us as happy an ending as possible.

And farewell, Being Human. I still remember when I watched the pilot for the first time 5 years ago and getting completely hooked onto the series. It started out as a cozy little show about a werewolf, vampire, and ghost trying to be human together. And while the show evolved and morphed into something else entirely, it finished with the same lovely writing and endearing characters as when it began. Best of luck to all the former and current cast members on future projects!