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24 February 2013 @ 09:54 pm
Until Next Time, Ripper Street  
Ripper Street has concluded its first series and has been renewed. I vaguely feel offended that this show got another season while Merlin and Being Human have been axed, even though I can sort of see BBC's reasoning. Ripper Street is a new show and could potentially end up being a huge hit ala the previously mentioned shows who each had their day in the sun.

But still.

Ultimately, Ripper Street wasn't terrible. The acting was adequate and the storylines were also okay. But that's just the problem: everything felt a little lackluster and I didn't feel like there was much there that could expanded upon to make for an even better show next season. But perhaps I'll be wrong.

In the end, the show wrapped up some of its larger plot arcs (the Capt. Homer Jackson story) while sort of putting a pin in others with an opportunity to rehash later on (the Edmund Reid story). The best thing about the show was its music, though. Whoever put together the compositions should get an award. Even when the stories unfolding did very little for me, I always felt an extra push of emotion just because of the music. So well done, composer.