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12 February 2013 @ 08:19 pm
Suddenly There Were Being Human Thoughts  
I was randomly rewatching the first episode of series 5 today when a line Hal said suddenly made me have a bunch of thoughts.

Below the cut is Hal's line and a discussion/speculation of the current main villain with reference to the past series of the show. I don't get into specific plots we've seen so far in series 5. So...how much all of this is a spoiler, you can decide.

So Hal mentions that all vampires lack a reflection because they essentially made a deal with the Devil when they were turned. Hence, the Devil now has their soul and as a reminder of this loss, they lack a reflection. Seeing as how now the main villain this season IS the Devil, what will it mean if the trio defeat him?

I somehow can't imagine the show ending with Hal, Tom, and Alex killing the Devil. I mean...it's THE DEVIL. I can see them maybe driving him back to Hell and out of Hatch's body but it seems unlikely that they would defeat the Fallen One. It feels too big and too unrealistic. And despite its supernatural roots, Being Human has usually been pretty brutal about some hardcore, realistic truths: Mitchell was not able to overcome his addiction to blood in the end, George and Nina were not able to lead a normal life, despite all the effort. The Devil, in my mind, is a constant force in the universe and to a large extent, unstoppable. At least not permanently.

Plus, if the Devil is defeated in the end, does this mean all the vampires of the world will get their souls back and become human? That would quite be something, actually. It would some degree bring about the prophecy attached to Eve that she was destined to end of all vampires in that she initially placed Hal at Honolulu Heights so that eventually he, Tom, and Alex would beat the Devil and all vampires revert back to being human. This would feel a bit like an unfair reprieve. I mean, some of these vampires have done some awful things with nary a guilty feeling. To suddenly regain your humanity and lose the bloodlust without much retribution doesn't seem right. But then again, this show hasn't always been about people getting what they deserve.

I'd actually be very interested to see Hal as a human the way he is now. His bloodlust would be gone and all he'd have left would be centuries of possible guilt over his behavior. I would wonder if this means his OCD would vanish as well as the immediate reason why he needs structure would now be gone. Or perhaps he'd still freak out if the matches weren't all right side up in the box.