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10 February 2013 @ 09:00 pm
Being Human: Sticks and Rope  
Hal: I've never been bad at anything in my life.

UH, I beg to differ, Hal. You've been bad and you are bad at plenty of things.

Up until Oliver revealed the story about his brother, Albert, he reminded me waaaaaaay too much of my child patient. I seriously felt for Alex because having to spend 45 minutes with my child patient twice a week wears me out. Spending an entire day with her would probably have me passing out.


This episode was almost like a proper horror movie with ghost children and rather frightening sequences. So are the men with sticks and rope just sort of like wayward ghost catchers? If so, then why did Annie see them when she initially died? Or are they more like ushers who were just being manipulated by Hatch? Because clearly this wayward ghost thing is not such a big issue as plenty of ghosts in the past in this series got to linger about before they were able to crossover. Gilbert in series 1 was around for nearly 30 years!

While I enjoyed this episode, it felt slightly disoriented with the multiple stories playing out. So I'm going to do quickfire likes and dislikes which is my lazy way of reviewing this episode.

1. We got a further peek to what sort of person Alex is, which was lovely. I liked seeing her in Big Protective Sister mode and it was sad to see her alive at the start of the episode and her little brother talking to her photo at the end of the episode. But she's continuing to try her best to make peace with her situation rather than just dwell on her loneliness which is nice to see.

2. Watching Hal attempting to be lazy was a treat. He looked like he was in agony when he was forcing himself to slouch in his seat and could barely hold back his wince when he messed up the ordered pens.

3. Dominic Rook continues to be an interesting character. In many ways he shouldn't be because he is a typical dyed to the wool patriot who is now getting the short end of the stick despite all his sacrifices. It's an oft told, somewhat dull tale but the actor who plays him has me rather riveted. I'm eager to see what he does next.

4. I knew Tom and Hal's food fight was coming but I think I enjoyed it because Hal actually looked like he was having fun. Or maybe that was just Damian Molony breaking character. You can clearly see him grinning as Tom is lobbing food at him.

5. Phil Davis is almost being wasted by just having him sit in that chair. But dammit every scene he's in makes me want to break out old Whitechapel episodes.

1. I know that Patsy was supposed to be ridiculous but her suggesting Hal give her a back rub sent her character from ridiculous to Okay, Now It's Just Stupid Caricature. Nothing about her in the end was funny and she was too much of a lunatic character to get me to even sympathize with her when Hatch killed her.

2. Ian Crumb continues to suck. (And yes, I see what I did there). His story should be sad in a good way. On paper I feel for his character getting turned by Hal and completely dumped by him which was seriously awful on Hal's part. But the actor just exasperates me. It's sort of the issue I had with Cutler. I just don't care and the acting isn't helping.