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03 February 2013 @ 09:17 pm
Being Human: Trinity  
Welcome back, beloved show! *HUGS*

Ah, Being Human, I'm so pleased you've returned! I was perhaps a mite bit worried that now that we had a whole new cast that things would be less entertaining but I had absolutely no reason for the worry.

Things pick up a month after we left off with Hal still tied to a chair, Tom minding him, and Alex coping with her death. At his word that he's no longer dangerous, Tom releases Hal who like a fury cleans the flat which had fallen to an OCD's worst nightmare during the month. Things seem to be as okay as they could be for our trio except that less than two days after Hal's released, he accidentally gets someone killed.

I'm not sure what it is about Hal and him making vampires out of complete losers. Much like Cutler, I loathed Ian on sight. I get he's supposed to be a loser now turned predator but instead of filling me with dread or fear, I just found his whole thing annoying. I was so disappointed that the Cleaners decided to keep him around for reasons I guess we'll eventually find out. Speaking of the cleaners, I rather like Dominic Rook. I have a feeling he's going to go all rogue now that his department is being dissolved at the hands of the Home Secretary (hi, Toby Whithouse!!). But I'm rather interested in how he got into the business he's in now and if he's going to fall on the side of good or evil. He's certainly starting off a nice shade of grey that matches his suits.

Everyone's characters are in fine form for this one. I'm really pleased that the writers are taking Alex in what feels like a very different direction from Annie. I liked that we got scenes of her shouting at Hal for his part in her death and her devastation at realizing that her family already had her body and were moving on without her. We didn't ever really see Annie straight after her death other than a few snippets so it's nice to see the kind of trajectory Alex is going through with rage, sadness, and ultimately a resignation that she will have to continue to figure out her unfinished business. Her vague threat to Rook was an interesting one. I'll be curious if the writers end up doing anything with that.

Tom got to continue being his sweet, antiquated self. I was glad that they kept the characterization going that he's slightly patronizing and chauvinistic without meaning to be as he's only following what McNair taught him. His comment to Alex that he does it in order to keep his dad alive as that makes him feel safe was very aw-inducing.

And then there's Hal.

So, the most important thing we learn in this episode is that Hal is responsible for the devil being loose on Earth. I think just about every other transgression any vampire has ever committed pales in comparison to the fact that thanks to Hal, we have the King of Hell running around amongst us. What I found so ironic is that even when Hal is trying to do the right thing, he manages to set things up so that the human body count will continue to grow. Every death Ian causes from here on out will be on Hal. What was the point of "saving" one life if it's going to endanger hundreds? Millions? I get Hal's conflict over letting a man die, but by turning him into a vampire, I fear he's just condemned a batch of innocent souls.

But my exasperation at this got completely trumped when it was revealed that thanks to Hal's sense of self-preservation all those years ago, he unleashed ungodly terror on the Earth. I'd read the spoilers so I knew that Captain Hatch (hello, Phil Davis!) was the Devil. Only I didn't count on him being the human vessel since 1918! I'm super curious why he's been lying low all these years. Or has he? Is it true that he's been fueling this war between vampires and werewolves? How? And what's changed now so that he's apparently going to rise and be all the more menacing? Has he sucked up enough energy from this supernatural war to finally start performing major menace?

As a side note, now that Phil Davis is guesting on this show, he's appeared in nearly every single UK show I have ever loved. This includes, Whitechapel, Doctor Who, Merlin, Case Histories, Marple, Midsomer Murders and Sherlock. If only he'd managed to get on Torchwood before its end, he would have had a complete set.

Series 5 has certainly started off with a bang. I can't wait for the rest!

Lastly, the best line of the episode in my opinion goes to Hal (no surprise) with his assessment of the recruitment fliers at the Barry Hotel: "People on board a boat that's capsizing don't use that many exclamation marks." A close second is his rather serious delivery of, "This is a two sets of Marigolds problem."