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13 January 2013 @ 10:02 pm
Death in Paradise: Series 2, Episode 1  
This mystery series set in the gorgeous Caribbean Islands starring Ben Miller is back!

The wealthy owner of a sugar plantation, Roger Seymour, is found brutally murdered the day he was about to announce something VERY IMPORTANT at a luncheon. The list of suspects is fairly endless as is always the case in these things. Was it his embittered ex-wife, Nicole? His nephew, Alex whom he'd adopted? His new, much younger girlfriend Kim who might be a gold digger? Luckily, Richard Poole and his team are on the case.

Usually I find the solutions to the mysteries on this show pretty satisfying. And this one was different. However, the sheer tragedy of the story made me feel rather depressed by the outcome. It turns out the younger girlfriend is actually the daughter of a man who used to work on the plantation many years ago. He was killed due to a faulty machinery and Seymour covered the entire thing up so that he wouldn't have to pay any sort of compensation. This drove the mother to an early grave, telling her two children on her deathbed what had happened to their father. Thus Kim and her brother planned with Kim seducing Seymour while her brother took a job at the plantation. They worked it so that Seymour wrote a new will signing the plantation over to Kim in the event of his death, thus sealing his fate.

In hearing the reveal, my heart went out to Kim and her brother who suffered their entire lives with a depressed, ill mother and an absent father. Considering Seymour's overall character, I was totally fine with him getting a machete in the back. What felt so unjust was that it turned out Seymour was dying anyway of a brain tumor. If Kim and her brother had only waited a measly two hours after the lunch, they would have found out, making the murder unnecessary. They would have gotten the plantation anyway and their intent was to have burned it to the ground. Now as they'd been caught for murder, the will is null and void, their sacrifice pointless. Given the tragedy for this family so far, the sight of the two siblings huddling together as they're led to jail was pretty awful.

On the personal front, it seems this show is pushing forward the idea that Camille is romantically interested in Poole. Whether or not Poole may feel the same is unknown as I'm pretty sure even if he was interested his ethics on not dating anyone who is his junior would override everything. Frankly, I'd rather they not push this pairing as I'd like Camille to grow first as an investigator rather than become a love interest.