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06 November 2012 @ 11:04 am
The Art of Fluff Journalism  
I don't know who John Preston is. Well, he's obviously a journalist who writes for The Telegraph. I ran across his interview with actor Ben Whishaw thanks to a series of links via Google that started with me typing in "the Manhattan Project" for a fic I'm working on.

But in reading this article, I have to say he's written one of the most accurate and entertaining profiles of a semi-famous person. It's just in depth enough that I kept going but lighthearted and humorous enough that I knew he wasn't taking this thing to unnecessarily intense levels. The entire first section that's just a long meditation on Whishaw's hair is hilarious.

Read the article HERE.

You can also watch BBC's Hollow Crown: Richard II on youTube. Just type in the title. It's beautifully shot. And while everyone pulled their acting weight, I gave the acting award to a surprising Rory Kinnear.