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26 August 2012 @ 12:00 am
Film Review: Dark Knight Rises  
Starring half the cast of Inception + Christian Bale.

Much like Prometheus, I was super late in seeing this movie despite my huge excitement over it. Overall, I really enjoyed myself, even if I don't think the Batman movies are Christopher Nolan's best works. For me the secondary characters like Blake, Bane, and Gordon completely overshadowed Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.


1. Ensemble Cast FTW - Nolan once again excels at putting together an excellent cast. And as I mentioned before, this film is like an Inception reunion that included Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine, and Cillian Murphy. The random cameo of Murphy was random but no less pleasing. I'm glad he got to sneak into all three of Nolan's Batman films.

2. BAMF!JGL - When did Tommy from 3rd Rock From the Sun grow up and become such a great actor? He almost stole this entire movie for me as the persistently competent John Blake. I'm really hoping that someone is going to pick up the Robin reveal at the end and make a Darkwing or Robin film starring him. The last shot of him standing on the rising platform gave me happy chills. And on a completly shallow note, he looked hot running around with a gun, trying to save Commissioner Gordon.

3. He Was Just a Fool For Love - I've never picked up a Batman comic in my life and so was one of the people who just didn't know about Talia al Ghul. Thus I was rather surprised when it turned out that Bane had been doing everything in the movie out of love and loyalty to her. I strangely found his devotion, dare I say it, touching. Despite the fact that I'd just watched 2 hours of him smashing people's heads in. When Talia told Bruce Wayne everything about her history with Bane, I found myself wanting to see a prequel of their story. It was strangely romantic in a completely messed way since I didn't feel like Talia necessarily loved Bane because the ability to love for her had become so twisted.

4. Torchwood Alum! - It was nice to see Burn Gorman get a job. And decent part in such a large film at that.

5. Character Production Designs - Whoever came up with the character designs should get a commendation. I really liked the goggles Selina Kyle wore that looked like cat ears when she pushed them up on her head. It was a perfect way to show her as catwoman without giving her actual silly cat ears. I also have to hand it to production and Tom Hardy for making Bane look huge despite Hardy only being around 5'9 or so. I mean, when he punched people, his hands looked like sledgehammers. My friend who saw this movie with me was shocked when I told her Bane was being played by Tom Hardy as she was convinced whoever the Bane actor was he must have eaten Tom Hardy.


1. Odd Voices Continue - Ever wonder what the lovechild of Sean Connery and a Dalek would sound like? Well, this movie answers the question with its conception of Bane's voice. As much as I applaud Tom Hardy's ability to act well with just his eyes (seriously well timed blinking, there), the modulation they did of his voice along with the odd accent he did for the character made him sound ridiculous. Not to mention difficult to understand at times. It's a good thing I wasn't a citizen of Gotham because I had no idea what he was saying when he was terrorizing everyone. Bane looked and acted incredibly scary as any villain should but the voice rather undermined the whole thing.

2. Good God, The Speeches - Some parts of the script, like say, the long monologues that some characters got were pretty terrible. In particular, Michael Caine as Alfred got saddled with two really awful ones and he didn't manage to pull it together to deliver them in a way that didn't make me roll my eyes.