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16 August 2012 @ 12:28 am
I Love You, Internet  
Internet, a lot of times you are a cruel mistress. I attempt to do work or be more socially productive but your siren call often sidetracks me. But when you offer me such amazing-ness as this, how on earth can I not keep coming back to be your ever devoted slave?

People, fans out there have written fanfic for Cloud Atlas. That's right. David Mitchell's novel. Fic. Fans have written them. When I found these I actually made some sort of noise at my school library. I grant you there are only two stories in existence but that's two more than I ever thought could exist. And it wasn't a huge shock to me that both are dedicated to filling in the relationship between Frobisher and Sixsmith.

This work does an entire back story for the two during their old school days. I adore it. The scene where Frobisher talks to Ferrars about Sixsmith is my favorite part. It's moments like that which really make you understand how Sixsmith of the novel can be so devoted to Frobisher.

This work is much shorter (no less fun to read!) and written in the same letters format as the novel. The writer really captured Frobisher's bipolar moods perfectly. The letter dated the 29th was my favorite.

EDIT: There's another one! It's by the same author as the second work. Man, tumblr is frustrating.