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07 August 2012 @ 07:06 pm
Equal Opportunity Racebending?  
Okay, so I'm obviously not the only one who has issues with the blatant yellowface happening in the Cloud Atlas movie. And apparently this is strike two for Jim Sturgess.

And now this LJ entry has drawn my attention to something else.

Okay, the Wachowskis and Tykwer are aware that just because you whiten actors of color to play white characters that doesn't cancel out the yellowfacing, right? RIGHT?! It just makes everything 100 times worse. By far. This whitefacing of Doona Bae to play Adam Ewing's wife is ridiculous. And I'm not even going to get into the argument someone made on a different site about how it's okay that Halle Berry don whiteface to play Jocasta because Berry is half white. It's not okay. AT ALL.

I understand that films are a visual medium but the directors really need something better than this to convey the reincarnation theme. The novel used a birthmark to signify the reincarnated soul, but seeing as how Ben Whishaw isn't playing Luisa Rey as well as Frobisher or Halle Berry playing both Luisa and Frobisher, I guess they're changing who gets reincarnated as who. OR, the directors are just cherry-picking this multiple casting gimmick. Because it's too distracting having Berry cross dress to play Frobisher but it's not too distracting having white actors made up with slanted eyes. /sarcasm

On a separate note about the reincarnation plotline, I'll be extremely disappointed if the movie alters it so that Luisa really isn't the reincarnation of Frobisher. I'd always assumed this while reading the novel because of the birthmark as well as the poignancy this gave to Rufus Sixsmith's story. There was something bittersweet about Sixsmith being so devotedly in love with Frobisher as a young man and then as an old man essentially meeting Frobisher again in the form of Luisa. Particularly given what happens in Luisa's story with respect to Sixsmith. But this might get thrown out in favor of the Tom Hanks/Halle Berry's characters' love stories.

My enthusiasm for this film is rapidly declining.

On a somewhat related note, author Cassandra Clare has written about whitewashing. I know people on LJ have strong feelings about Clare given her history with fanfic before she became a published author, but I liked this point of hers regarding her stance on the casting of Magnus Bane: "There are plenty of roles out there for white actors. Most roles are for white actors. This is not one of them."

To this effect, the extremely good-looking Godfrey Gao has been cast in the role.