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10 June 2012 @ 10:41 pm
Films, Films  
I wrote awhile back about the perfect pairing of actor Martin Freeman starring in a short film based on a story by author David Mitchell. The Voorman Problem is getting a screening at the Rhode Island Short Film Festival in August. Rhode Island isn't too far away from New York. I'm half tempted to try and make it out there to see it. But to go all the way there to see one 10 minute film? I don't even know anyone out there I can visit to make the trip seem a little less insane.

And in other random film stuff, I watched Ken Russell's adaptation of The Who's Tommy. I'd seen the musical a few times and yet this film was like an acid trip or what I imagine an acid trip is like. I also never knew that Roger Daltery looked like the love child of Tiny Tim and Gene Wilder in this movie.