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07 May 2012 @ 10:49 pm
House MD: Post Mortem  
The episodes are winding down!

In watching this show again after such a long time away, I'm pleased that these episodes are a nice look at what made this show so interesting but also ultimately tired. At least I won't have to weep too much when it's over.

While a former applicant for House's fellowship who is now a pathologist lies dying from some mysterious ailment (nothing new here), Wilson all but kidnaps House for a road trip.

The episode tread over a lot of very old ground. I say 'very old' because the show was going over these issues two seasons ago when I still loyally watched it. Wilson takes a stab at being superficial and living someone else's life for a few days in hopes of forgetting that he might still have terminal cancer. He lasts less than 3 days which isn't too surprising and spends a bus ride back to New Jersey sharing some feelings with House. Now, I do have to hand it to Robert Sean Leonard in that he did a great job of conveying Wilson's fears about his future without making it so sappy I couldn't bear to witness it. Similarly, I like that for all the typical moaning and groaning House did over Wilson's expected Talk of Feelings, he gave it some amount of thoughtful attention.

The surprisingly interesting development in the episode was Chase quitting his job. This feels like the hundredth time he's left this hospital but I liked how his decision came about. Until the show laid it out, I really hadn't thought about the fact that everyone who had worked under House was either dead or had moved up the career ladder BUT Chase. I also wasn't aware that he'd gotten his slot on House's team because his father made a phone call. Given all of that, it seems right that before this show ends, the writers finally push Chase out of the nest for real this time so he can embark on the next stage of his career.

Having been somewhat underwhelmed by the House/Wilson interaction, I will say that their final scene when Wilson gets his scan was pretty incredible. The silent acting by both Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard as House stared at the scan while Wilson stared at House was pretty damn poignant.