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29 April 2012 @ 05:39 pm
Wherein I Procrastinate Some More  
My procrastination reached new heights and I spent today rewatching Thor rather than work on school stuff or even fic stuff.

While rewatching it, I had this random thought which, if I had actual time, I probably would have attempted to fic because I seem to have a thing for giving minor characters their day in the sun.

When I first saw that Stellan Skarsgard was in this movie, I joked to myself that Branagh had cast him to give this movie some Scandinavian cred. But I was really doing Skarsgard a disservice because he gives a truly underrated performance as Erik Selvig. It isn't surprising that amidst all the family drama of the gods and the burgeoning love story between Thor and Jane that no one really cares what's going on with the random old researcher whose biggest scene is introducing Thor to Earth beer. But really if you watch this movie again and forget about the more overt drama, you can appreciate the quiet intensity and layers Skarsgard manages to put into his role.

I sort of found myself wondering how the events of the movie must look through his eyes, particularly when he was faced with more and more evidence that the Norse myths of his youth were actually true. I especially loved the shot of Selvig's face as Thor was restored to his godly status. There was something so awed in his expression but also somewhat fearful. Like Selvig was now afraid of how the world he'd known was forever changed and if myths were real than, Christ, what else is real? I suddenly wanted background on Selvig's childhood as he grew up with stories of Thor and Loki and Odin. I wanted to know what made him go with science. I wanted to just know more about him.

I'm not sure if there's a counterpart to the film Selvig in the Thor comics. I'm going to guess there is but a part of me doesn't really want that in the same way I don't really care about the more antiquated version of Jane in the comics. The Avengers actually gave me another look at Selvig so I'm hoping he returns for Thor 2.